I'm 53 and the mother of a 24 year old daughter who lives quite a distance away from me. Once a week or so, we Skype with each other to get caught up. Most times it's in the evening when we have both gone to our rooms and are ready for bed.

A while ago, I was thinking about my fantasy of being an exhibitionist and Skype came to mind because it would be so safe. Since my daughter is the only one I Skype with, she popped into my head. Instead of the thought being weird, it actually began to turn me on. I'll admit that we both fairly liberal with our sexual desires, but I had never had a thought about her.

Our next scheduled Skype was set for a Friday night and the thoughts I was having were on that Tuesday. This gave three days to continually think about it, which evolved into actually devising ways in my mind to have this happen. The thought of showing my daughter my pussy was making me wet. This was foreign territory for me, but something that continually occupied my thought's.

Friday came and it was the first thing I thought about when I woke. I wasn't able to concentrate at work and I left early. One home, I opened a bottle of wine and sat and thought about what would happen that evening. We were scheduled to talk at 9pm my time which was midnight her time. By the time it was 9pm, I had consumed several glasses of wine which provided me with the courage to do it.

I decided to put on a short night gown with no panties and would have my knees up to my chest, opened and with a book resting on them. My pussy is really hairy and I thought that this could end quickly with her saying something like, "oh mom, gross, cover up."

My lap top was always placed on the parsons table at the end of my bed. This way it always remained steady if I moved in bed. 9pm came and I turned on my computer and logged into Skype, sent her the invitation and then set myself up with my back resting against propped up pillows on my headboard. I was nervous and excited.

Within a minute she came on the screen. I said, "hi, how was week?" She responded that it was fine and asked me about mine. We spent maybe ten minutes updating each other and it was so hard to concentrate. There was no way that she would not see my pussy and to me that was confirmed by her answers to my questions which were short and distracted. I could actually feel myself getting wet.

Then, all off a sudden she said, "mom, I'm having trouble hearing you tonight for some reason, could you being your lap top closer?" I didn't know if this was really an issue, but what I did know was that if she didn't like this, she would just say she was tired and sigh off.

I crawled to the end of the bed, picked up my computer and put in on the bed about three to four feet in front of me and got back into position. Since I wasn't reading my book, I couldn't use that to put on my knees, so I quickly decided to just lean back on the pillows and keep my knees up with my legs open a bit. Now, my pussy was highly visible and I was totally turned on.

I got bold and decided to open my legs slowly. Within a minute, they were literally spread open. There was silence. Neither of us said a word. A few minutes past and I noticed that she had put one hand under the spread and I could see movement. It was clear, she was masturbating.

Since it was clear to me that both of us knew what was happening, I spread my legs as wide as I could and then slide my hands down to my pussy. I pulled my hair back and opened my lips. Right then, I heard this light, involuntary whisper saying, "oh my God." I put two fingers in my pussy and started fucking myself wildly.

I was so turned on it took only a matter of a few minutes to cum. As I felt it coming I said, "I'm gonna cum, oh God, I'm gonna cum for you." I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. I was literally shaking.

I said to her, "are you O.K?" She said, "yes, I'm fine, just very relaxed right now." I said, "me too, talk to you in a few days?" She said, "for sure." We signed off and that was it. We made plans to speak the following Tuesday night. When we signed on, I had on a just a T-shirt and she had on the same and her pussy very visible. This was the first time I had seen my daughters pussy as an adult and the first time I had ever seen anyone shaved.

We updated each other and within ten minutes, we were both masturbating to each other. It has been nearly two months now and we have done this every week, sometimes twice a week. We have never spoken about it which I know sounds odd. It's something we both obviously love to do. What will be interesting is the next time she visits. Will we do it in person? I don't know, but it will exiting to think about.


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  • Since the death of my mother my Dad offered my husband and I to share the big family house. It would be ours one day anyway so we might as well move in now. He always stressed that we should feel totally at home and really make it our own.

    Whenever I am at home I am always very casually dressed and just were a T-shirt and knickers or I admit quite often just an oversized and very long T-shirt. Makes me feel sexy and approachable for my husband but that was the way I was about the house when both my parents were alive. And quite often I would wander from my bedroom to our bathroom totally in the nude and I didn't mind who saw me. Mum and Dad most of the time sat in the kitchen talking and I would go from the bathroom into the kitchen to get something to eat and sit nude at the table while they teased me and also always said that they like seeing me like this and it showed that there were no barriers between us, that there was trust, openness and no false sense of prudishness.

    One day my Dad, my husband and I sat in the same kitchen and Dad reminded me of those times and my husband said that I should now also go nude whenever I felt like it. He would love this and would have no problem with Dad being around.

    So whenever I feel I walk around totally naked and show both fully dressed men all my goods and warez.

    Naturally this makes me horny and when Dad goes to bed my hubby and I have raunchy sex in the family room. Needless to say that we both know that Dad not always goes to bed but discretely observes and enjoys the action from a vantage hiding spot.

    I like it, so does my husband. One day I will have to ask Dad if he likes it too.

  • My daughter and I have been watching each other masturbate for several years now. It started when I walked into her room with a pile of clothes, she was naked on her bed working the handle of her hairbrush in and out of her wet pussy. I stood there and watched her until she came, then walked out and sat in the living room.

    She eventually came out, shame faced, and confronted me. Said she had seen me standing in the doorway and just couldn't stop herself. Said she felt horrible and knew I hated her.

    It took me several minutes to convince her it was natural, that everyone does it, and that I would probably jack off later myself. She said since I had seen her naked masturbating it was only fair for her to see me. I was shocked! But my cock was instantly erect. I sat there on the couch with my shorts down around my ankles and stroked myself while watched. I wish I could say it took me 30-minutes, but the images of her masturbating coupled with her sitting there on the edge of the couch fueled my stroking and I blew my load after only a couple minutes.

  • Have you ever thought of trying it with straingers

  • That is a VERY hot story. Of course, I am a very sexual perverted married man but "Mother daughter" has always turned me on. Keep skypeing with your daughter and I can't wait to hear more about it!!! Happy new year!!

  • Why are you perverted everybody has thoughts they shouldn't have, when I read about mum daughter Skype over and over again I had a uncontrollable erection I had to get it out, the end of my dick was wet, I am hard now, I think about dad daughter Skype quite a lot, I wouldn't mind hearing more of your thoughts.

  • Its a very personal thing masturbation I have been caught by both my parents mum says be more discrete, but I like getting caught is it really wrong or am I weirdo if I am tough I like it, would any other girl like to share stories with me.

  • My dad has frequently caught me wanking I know he walks in on me on purpose says sorry and leaves the last time I didn't stop until I had finished, don't know what he wants does he just like to watch I can see a swelling in his pants

  • Like many, you have a good imagination honey.

  • I think I know

  • Wow what a story I really enjoyed it, I have a same situation with my daughter but I am her dad, I might tell you all about it at a later date I know its more than a bit awful what we do in front of each other, I don't know if anybody would really like to hear the details, or would be disgusted.

  • Update from Dek, about Skype with daughter she has been back home now for three months after a failed relationship, we decided to go swimming to the local baths, there was only changing cabin left she changed first after a while the water got cold, I told her to get changed she said no its ok, its to cold stay in the water, she stripped at once when we were in the cabin, she said what are you waiting for I pulled my shorts down and revealed my erection she just giggled while getting dressed in the confines of the cabin my dick kept knocking and rubbing against her at times on purpose she didn't seem bothered when we got home she suggested something. that night thing got very naughty between us
    Will tell the rest later. Dek
    I will tell the rest later

  • Did you wank for her

  • Till you later

  • I would love to hear all about it.

  • To 43F
    There is more it happened recently let my know if you are still interested

  • I would like to

  • I wish you were my dad!!

  • I could be

  • Would you like to tell mw why

  • It is beautiful that you are trying new things sexually. I hope your journey brings you lots of pleasure.

  • That was a fun story I had to touch myself too. Surprise your daughter and shave your pussy too.I can't wait for updates.

  • This is one of the sexiest story i have heard until now. Wow god it is so excting. I hope you will continue to share more of it.....

  • I'm glad that you and your daughter have found a new way to share your pleasures. I hope you continue this when she visits.

  • Wow I would love too watch or even participate in the a Skype session if you're interested let me know and il post my Skype.

  • Wow, I'd love to skype with you sometime as well. You can email me at if you'd like tp watch me jack off and cum while your masturbating your pussy. Your story with you and your daughter really turned me on and got my dick super hard. Hope I hear from you. Put mother/daughter in subject line so it will ring a bell for me as to what story brought us together.

  • Lovely!

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