My school days

My best friend told me about this site and I would like to confess.
With all the controversy about being gay, I believe that you know from an early age that you feel different, something is wired into your brain that makes you prefer to be close to the same sex.
My parents lived abroad and I was educated in the UK. I went to my first school here at age eleven and was one of the many boarders, although a few were day pupils. Needless to say I was bullied as were several other boys who didn't like sport. It was really "Lord of the Flies" stuff.
Anyway, It was a relief when school holidays came as most of the pupils went home, just a few of us were left behind or some were farmed out to relatives, I stayed behind, not to much a problem as some staff lived at the school. Our house Master, Mr Worboys, allowed two of us to stay at his house, he was a lovely, friendly middle age man, although he was unmarried that didn't seem to pose a problem for the school, something that would be questioned today!
Everything, changed after two years when Mr Worboys started taking a special interest in me. It was the summer holiday, I was staying at his house on my own as the other boy had left school that term. My relationship with Mr Worboys was very close, I felt a sort of love for him a strange desire when one night I left my bed and went to his bedroom. I stood by his bed and woke him up, "sir, can I sleep with you" I said, he pulled back the bedclothes, I could see he was naked, I took my pyjamas off and got in next to him, he held me in his arms, I could feel he was getting aroused and he kissed me, it was so lovely, so gentle that I instinctively reached down to his erection.
That night was the real beginning of my gay and happy life.
The point of this is that not all relationships with children are evil, some are loving and caring and fulfil a need. My relationship with him was over many years, long after my school days finished and I took care of him until he passed away.

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  • I was at boarding school, quite pretty not much interested in sport but I was a good swimmer, high jumper and runner. I was invoked sexually by only with other boys. It was just a sexual outlet not homosexuality.

  • I went to a private school I soon found out to stay in the loop and to get on with every body, buggery and being buggered was the norm specially with senior boys that was the way it went, I was up for it, but it was never openly admitted always venomously denied what happens in private schools stays there

  • Gay or straight, don't matter. Just don't push your sexuality on to others. This bullshit now days where the LGBTQ is forcing their shit onto everyone else is bullshit. Keep that shit in your bedroom.

  • Gayness is a confusion , believe me I had experience and it was all taken from me when my mom forced it out of me when she sent me to a private school , but not just a private school , but a Christian School , where Homosexuality is not allowed . There was a no touch policy in my Christian school and that included both Homosexual and Straight. I used to be Bi , but these days I’m neither Gay nor straight, I am A-Sexual. And I am not planning on changing my mind about it . I know that Gay is a sin and God does not approve of the practice of making a child a tranny or gay or lesbian . My Brain is forever broken on the subject and I am damned to Hell .

  • Ok Mike Pence

  • My God loves me, gay and all. The Sin here is how you were brain washed into rejecting your own true self.

  • Thank you for your reply, I was interested if anyone would answer. I can understand what you say but I feel sorry for you. You must be very lonely.
    You must have had a very nasty experience to make you feel this way. You say you are Christian but the Holy Bible can be understood in many ways, the strongest being love for your neighbour! You seem to be putting sex as more important, it is not, it is given freely with love.

    You really need to see a psychiatrist.

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