My Young Friend

My wife and I divorced three years ago and I have been living on my own ever since. I have tried to form relationships with other women but something is lacking and last January I discovered what it was!!
I joined a gymnasium. I'm 44 years old fit but needed to shape up and I thought joining a gym I also might meet someone I fancied.
I had been going there for just over two weeks when I noticed I was being watched by a youth, I thought he was about senior school age. Every machine I went on there he was on an adjacent machine watching me.
Then one day I went to the showers, showered and was drying myself off and had pulled the curtain back to retrieve my clothes and there he was, standing naked with his towel in his hand and I could see he had a partial erection.
Firstly, I was nervous as to what his intentions were and secondly I felt aroused by what I saw. Well, I'm pretty well blessed, felt excited and new I was becoming erect. I removed my towel and saw immediately that his cock became more erect. I winked at him he winked back, he came into my cubicle took hold of my cock and kissed me on the lips.
I came to my senses, not here I said, lets go to the café have a drink and talk and with that out he went much to my relief. however, I had a feeling of overwhelming desire.
He was sitting in the café waiting for me, I asked him what drink he wanted and went and fetched them. He told me his name was Jeremy and he lived with his mother not far from me. I asked his age 18 he said, how old are you. I told him and he said your pretty fit for 44. I thanked him.
After a while out of the blue he asked if I was gay. I replied no but I could be having been divorced and not having sex for more than three years. He then told me he thought he was, though he had never had gay sex he was attracted to men. My feeling of arousal started to kick in again.
Would you like to come back to my place I asked. Jeremy said yes please he would like that and in any case his mother worked until eight at night in the local supermarket. We drank up and took my car back to mine.
Once in the front door Jeremy said can I see your bedroom. I took his hand.
I closed the bedroom door, Jeremy was already taking his clothes off and I watched until he was naked, he looked like a young god, so young and absolutely delicious. I stripped off, Jeremy was already under the duvet, I climbed in with him and I felt electrified as I pulled him close to me, our erections almost intertwined and could he kiss, his tongue was wild, he was also pushing against me and he felt lovely.
I rolled him over, his cheeks were so firm, I asked if he wanted me to fuck him, he answered yes but please be gentle. I told him I must use some cream and I got out of bed and into the bathroom to fetch some. When I returned Jeremy was on top of the bed on all fours. I got up behind him, creamed his bottom with my fingers which he liked and my penis, pulled his cheeks apart and started to push in. The feeling was unbelievable, my foreskin rolled back, I was amazed at my erection, then gradually I slipped in, Jeremy let out a few squeals but pushed back against me, then I was fucking him, that lovely young boy. Of course I came to soon, I couldn't help it, the sight of his buttocks, his slim hips and his long hair.
We lay in bed talking for ages, at one stage I sucked him off it was wonderful. Since that day we have been having a passionate affair with Jeremy coming round whenever he wanted to. I have now invited him to be my lodger and he is finding a suitable excuse to tell his mother what the reason is to leave home when he lives so close and for me its reasonable to have a lodger, so no one is any the wiser for now.

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  • You are so lucky having that young lad to love and enjoy. I am jerking myself off just thinking about having his beautiful youthful body in my bed with me, kissing and fondling him. You were his first and so if you treat him right he will love you forever.

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