My Older Nieghbour

I am a gay male to female tranny, 32 years old, slim, fit and attractive. I have been cultivating my looks for years, being careful with my skin with night cremes etc. I have done breast exercises and used enhancement crème so that my breasts have become naturally larger, not to big and I love them! I have long dark hair worn down past my shoulders.
I live in a block of apartments on my own but have plenty of friends, mostly of the same persuasion. Anyway, about 6 weeks ago new neighbours moved in, an older man and his wife. Well, last week I was riding in the lift with him and he suddenly came on to me saying that I looked lovely and can he get to know me better. I said I would like that and invited him for a coffee the next day.
He duly came to my apartment at 10am, I was ready for him in very floaty flirty clothes feeling very horny! I opened the door, he came in and almost at once kissed me passionately in the hallway pulling me against him as he did so. He apologised, I said "that was nice you naughty boy" and took hold of him and kissed him.
We ended up on the settee kissing and mauling each other, I felt his hand up under my dress and I was trying to undo his belt to get his trousers off. I succeeded and pulled his boxers down and then I saw the most wonderful long thick penis fully erect. I pulled his trousers off, I couldn't wait to get at that lovely penis and I did caressing it kissing it taking as much of it between my lips as I could. I asked him to take me to bed as I wanted him to fuck me.
We went into my bedroom, I took my dress off, he said he loved my lingerie, he stripped off and asked me to leave my lingerie on as he wanted to feel me in it, I did and we got into bed, I was so aroused, the feeling of him exploring me and that huge penis, I wanted it in me!!
He pulled my legs around him, I felt him pushing into my bottom, kissing me, then he thrust it in and oooooohhh it was big, I squealed as he started thrusting harder, I could feel it right up inside me, I'd never felt one like it and he was so randy and loving, kissing all the time and whispering sweet nothings as he took me. Then he moaned that he was going to cum, "oh! cum my darling cum I want your babies" I screamed. I felt that huge erection swell even further, then he spent his love juice inside me, cumming so hard that I felt it spurt against my insides.
We laid there beside each other panting, he said he could see I was a transvestite when he first met me and wanted me then and there. he said he was in a loveless marriage and could we be lovers and I pulled him close against me, kissed him and said I would love it but I wanted him to take longer next time and today he is coming round to love me.


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  • I heard a knock on my door this morning and when I answered it I saw my lovely neighbour standing there again. "Is it ok to come in now" he said "I feel so randy" and I pulled him in and shut the door and we kissed furiously. I locked the door and took him into the bedroom. He took his clothes off and was quickly naked and I could see by his huge stiff erection how much he wanted me. I took my dress off just leaving my slip, knickers bra and hold-up stockings and we got into my bed.
    Our legs were entwined, we were kissing, fondling each other, he had his fingers inside my knickers "I want to be in you so much again" he moaned, "you naughty big boy, then you had better push it in" and then he rolled me over and I gasped as that huge cock was forced between my cheeks and into me. "You randy darling" I squealed, "give me a good fucking, fuck me, fuck me oh fuck me" as that huge piece of meat bucked and thrusted into my bum.
    I had to slow him down, "please oh please take your time" I shrieked, he was tearing at my knickers, he was kissing my neck, "I must have you, I want you so much my darling girl, my lover, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" and he shot his load into me, I could feel the impact of the force of his spunk on my insides and my bum felt as though he had split me in half.
    We lay there, his hairy body on top of mine, I felt his erection slowly subside and slide out and we turned to lay side by side, gently kissing. "I'm so sorry" he said "but I have been thinking about us ever since we fucked before and I just couldn't wait, thank you, thank you so much you are perfect for me". We laid in bed kissing and cuddling for an hour and he had to go. As he got up to dress I said "don't leave it so long next time because I really want you to take your time" and he promised he wouldn't.
    It has taken me all day to get over that session as I have been leaking his spunk into my knickers most of the time even after a shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At seven O'clock this morning there was a knock on my door and I went to see who it was, I was in my negligee and knickers and when I looked it was my neighbour again. He quickly came in, took me in his arms fondling and kissing me. "OH! darling take me to bed again, you are so sexy, you make me feel so sexy to" and we went into my bedroom.
    He stripped off and I gasped again at his huge erection jerking as he folded his clothes, it made me feel very horny. I held the duvet back for him and he slid in and put his arms around me and lifted my negligee. "I can feel your aroused as well" he said as he caressed my erection inside my knickers, "I can't get enough of you my darling and I love the way you let me cum in you" he whispered.
    I got on top of him, caressing that great knob and feeding it into my knickers, "OH! darling" he moaned "You want me in you now, so quickly" "Yes I want you in me now, I want to feel that lovely cock loving me like it want to you naughty sexy man" and I pulled my cheeks apart, he pulled my knickers aside a he was inside me. I wriggled my bum against him "OH! my darling, my darling, I love the feeling, you are so tight" I made my bum suck on his cock, clenching my cheeks around it and when I thought he was about to cum I stopped and held him, feeling his throbbing member at the point od ejaculation. We did that for some time.
    Then I rolled off him and while I kissed him I whispered "please fuck me now darling" and he was on me spreading my legs tearing at my knickers and pushing his cock into me, I gripped him with my legs "OH! fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I screamed, "give me your babies darling" and with a huge thrust he shot his cum, I clenched my cheeks so hard, feeling his cock head pounding against my insides, getting as much spunk inside as I could, my bum was so wet and his hairs were soaked to, he was panting and said "that was truly wonderful darling".
    We lay and kissed and cuddled and then he left saying he would be back tomorrow.

  • We have been fucking regularly now and I know just what he likes!!!! Since my last post I think he has fallen in love with me. He spends longer with me and the weekend before last his wife went away and he spent his nights and days in my bed. He has such stamina.
    He loves me to wear seamed stocking and to hold me from behind while he caresses my legs and his penis trapped between my thighs with me in French knickers. He then spreads my legs, gently lifts my knickers and puts his knob head against my anus teasing me until I'm screaming for him to enter me. Then he stops, lays me on my back with a pillow under my hips and pulls my knickers aside, I lift my legs around his waist and I watch as his excited jerking penis approaches and thrusts into my anus and his face comes down to mine giving me urgent kisses as he fucks me to ejaculation.
    He is a lovely big spunker and I love the size of him inside me.

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