What a let down

I met a guy through a friend of a friend, he ticked all the boxes for me, looks, career, attitude etc.
I still had my doubts so I didn't rush things, after four weeks we had seen each other a few times, as much as I wanted some bedroom action I still wasn't ready.
Well it happened and what a let down, we had a really lovely evening, went back to his place and continued chatting and drinking, it got really late and tiredness hit me.
We both slept in the same bed and to my amazement he hadn't tried anything, in the morning he cuddled up to me in the spooning position, how lovely I thought, I could feel his erection and the moment was just right, just as he entered me he ejaculated.
Ok I thought maybe over excited a bit, I'm afraid not, every single time, I think his best was 3 minutes and 2 of those he was not moving.
I know sex is not everything and you might think it's shallow of me to think this way, but I can't date a man that can't control himself.


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  • Talk to him deeper

  • If you really like the guy, help him. Talk is not cheap, it's very healthy in a relationship.

  • Should like a trainer is needed to guide him and that big cock

  • He must have v little sexual experience! If all other boxes are checked for you, why don't you help him?

  • Not shallow at all!!! That would be terrible. How would one even pretend it was good? :(

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