Felt up neighbor

My parents had their big summer BBQ and there were about 60 people who came, mostly family and friends from the neighborhood. We have a big backyard and the weather was nice, so everyone was outside, eating, drinking, talking, playing badminton, etc.

I went into the house to use the restroom. Audrey, who's a friend of my mom and lives a few houses down, was in there taking a piss and didn't think about closing the door the whole way. She was pretty drunk too. She shooed me away saying "I'll be done in a second" and put her other hand over her vagina so I couldn't see.

I said, "No, this is awesome, can I watch?" She called me a perv and said "whatever." She finished up, wiped with toilet paper, and was about to get up when I asked if I could cop a feel. She looked at me like I was nuts but said "just for a few seconds." I felt up her labia and rubbed her clit a bit and I could tell by her breathing that she was warming up. I slipped in a couple of fingers and she was wet. This went on for about a minute or two before she said "you gotta stop" and she got up off the toilet and pulled up her panties and jeans.

She is such a MILF and I think I'm in love with her now, although she's my mom's age and married. That was an awesome day.

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  • Older women are the best for sex, they know what they want and they know what to do. Go for it.

  • Hey not just men like to fuck the young stuff. Us older weman get off on it too.
    I'm in my fortis, single, not a goddess, but attractive. I live in a college town, where there are lot of young horny men/boys to pick from. I like going out to the clubs on the weekends and flirting with, and picking up the geeky, nerdest boys in the place to take home, and have them fuck my stretched out pussy.

  • She said you gotta stop not because she didn't like it but because she liked it and in a matter of a few more minutes would have lost control and let you fuck her brains out . Go for it fucking older women is exquisite.

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