My wife gets turn on with wrestling me

My wife love to wrestle all the time. In jeans, underwear or nude. Any location inside or outside in the yard or a park. She is very strong and knows a what z as bout wrestling techniques and holds . I am happy she lives to wrestle since I grew up wrestling with many girls. She is extremely rough and talented in her skill level. After we wrestle our sex is amazing horny and wild and passionate. Do you have wife like mine.

Mar 24


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    • I am a woman and I wrestle with my husband all the time. We started while we were dating. We can most times wrestle three or four matches before we get aroused and horny. We will take a break so we can cool off and get back to our wrestling. We like to wrestle but we also love sex. Our goals is to wrestle each other 100% and than have sex at 100%. that's just us.

    • Oh dear God, you are back with your female wrestling fantasies.

      OK, how about:

      I wrestle with your wife and strip her then fuck her while I have her pinned. You are getting sloppy seconds.

    • She would pin you in no time flat and then you could go home crying to mom.

    • Right? The op is such a turd!

    • Do you not know that girls wrestle boys in middle school, high school and college.
      Also moms of boys or girls who wrestle in school that those moms wrestle other moms in events all over the country. visit you tube and watch

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