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Me and my wife have been together since we were 11 years old. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. We dated through junior high and high school. Went to the same college and got married after graduation. Been married ever since for 25 years now. In all that time we have never strayed on eachother until now. I asked my wife what she wanted to do for our 25th anniversary. For months she thought about it and finally she knew what she wanted. She told me she wanted to make a porno film with me. She found out from a friend that we could go and have a professional videographer record us while we had sex. I kind of thought it was strange, but that is what she wanted. She got the information and set the appointment. The day of the filming we were bot nervous so we decided to get a little drunk to help with the nerves. We had her friend drop us off and we made our way into the set where we met a nice young gentleman. He went about instructing us how and what would happen, then he instructed us to take our clothes off. We started the session and I was a little gun shy. This in turn made my wife a little upset thinking I didn't want her and we got into a small argument. She walked off to another room to cool off and get away from me. Several minutes later the videographer decided to go check on her and see if she was ok. Not long after he left I decided to go see as well. As I walked down the hall to where they had gone I noticed a glass window I to the room. I also noticed my wife in the room sitting on the edge of a table. The videographer was between her legs fucking her like porn star. He was ramming his cock into while she squeezed his ass and pulled him near her. I obviously was very upset and was just about to storm in and stop them when I realized that I was actually horny from watching them. I continue watching them for a while until I seen him pull out and cum on the floor. I quickly made my way back to the set, and few minutes later they returned. They both acted like nothing had happened and my wife apologized for getting upset. She noticed my cock was hard and we continued making the video of us. I never told her I knew what she did.


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  • Your wife leaves you for a few moments and you catch her fucking some stranger. She wants to make a video and never said anything about it before. Could it be that you really don't know her ? Could it be she is being influenced by some one else, someone you don't know ? Maybe you should tell you know everything and you saw her with this guy. When you do, remember the look on her face.

  • Why do you think your wife has never strayed before or since? It does not sound like it took much convincing for him to fuck her.

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