How do I encourage my wife to cheat?

I want my wife to cheat on me so I can catch her in the act and tell her that its alright and that we can invite her new found friend to bed for threesome. She was a virgin when she married me so she does not know what other size cock would feel like in her and her mouth. I really want to watch her suck another mans cock. Any suggestions

14 days ago


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    • I flat out told my wife that it was a fantasy of mine to see her with another man. When i initially told her, she said, “I’d never cheat on you babe. You are the only guy I want.” That was until she ran into a guy at a store she frequents. He always compliments her. She says he looks at her breasts and ass a lot. She told me about one time when he saw her wedding ring and asked how serious it was. She told him she’s happy with me and he said, “Shame. The naughty things we could do.” After about their 4th encounter, she texted me asking if I really wanted her to sleep with another man. I said, “I think it would be hot to walk in on you sleeping with another man.” She said, “You know Michael?” I said, “Not sure. Should I?” She said, “The guy I’ve been having chats with at the store.” I said, “Oh yeah. Him.” She said, “I’m gonna fuck him tonight.” I said, “What about the fantasy?” She said, “Can’t do it tonight. You don’t work. Be a good boy and I’ll bring you a treat home.” The treat was his cream pie.

    • Invite a guy from work over to watch a game. Then have him stay for dinner and make sure that your wife drinks several glasses of wine. After dinner have her sit on the couch between you and watch a movie. During the movie kiss your wife and get your hand between her legs. Make sure that your friend is watching and motion for him to kiss her. While he is kissing her slip her top down so that her breasts are bare and kiss the one on your side and your friend will kiss the breast on his side. Then pull her pants down and get between her legs and lick her until she is almost coming. Then tell your friend that he can fuck her. After he comes inside her get on her and fuck her until you quickly come.
      This worked for me. Now about twice a month I bring a guy home and we both fuck my wife. She prefers it to be a new guy so there have been many that have fucked her.

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