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We was planning on going out one night but unfortunately I got held up at work . My wife was already to go out when I got in , I rushed to get ready but unfortunately it was a bit late by the time I was ready . We was going to go out for a meal on the off chance , We decided to open a bottle of wine then order a takeaway instead of going out . So we looked through the menus decided what we was having then ordered it , They said on the phone it will be a hour or so because it was very busy . We polished off two bottles of wine already , Then opened a third my wife was a bit tipsy by now . While we was waiting for the food to arrive I thought I'll show my wife something on the computer , I had stumbled on this site before , It was wife's flashing there selves to takeaway delivery drivers . So I put it on to show my wife , My wife was shocked these things happened but at the same time mesmerized by it . We both started to fool around a bit my wife was getting horny I could tell , Then my wife said do you want me to flash my self . I was not sure if I did or not part of me was saying No the other part was getting turned on , My wife stood up took her skirt off then her top off . She was standing there in her black underwear comprising of her uplift bra thong suspenders stockings and high heels . She asked me where the money was then the door bell rang this was all happening a bit quick , She told me to hide then walked to the door has she approached the door she undone her bra then took it off , She was shaking she looked at me then pulled her thong off I could not believe what I was seeing . Then she opened the door he stepped inside my wife went to get the money , Has she was walking towards me to get the money I noticed he had his cock out . She went back to him with the money , He tried to grab my wife she said NO you can releave yourself then go . This did not take long he asked my wife to play with her tits then he shot his load all over her legs before leaving . I could not believe what she did , I don't think she could ever top that .

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  • Mmmmm gave me a idea... THANKS

  • Nice fanatsy

  • It's No fantasy

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