Summer break

It's summer break and I was walking my dog and ran into a guy I went to school with named Jason. He is a year older, getting ready to go to college, and we chatted on the sidewalk, mostly "what's up" type of chat. We were never huge friends in high school, more distant acquaintances, as he was the popular jock and hung with a different circle. I always thought he looked really attractive, but he had girls interested in him all the time that were prettier than me.

He lives about a block away from me, behind my street, and he invited me over to hang out and watch youtube and netflix. I knew where he lived, but he had never invited me over ever before. I asked what that was about and he apologized for sometimes talking negatively about me in school, but he wanted to maintain his image and that I was in a different social group. I said whatever, let's hang out. We're older now so fuck it.

We got there and his parents were at work. We had a good time watching tv, playing video games, etc. We started talking about how we both thought each other was attractive, and I learned that his girlfriend had broken up with him since he's leaving out of state for college next month. That was a green light. Before I knew it we were all over each other. I wanted him badly.

We fucked each other's brains out all afternoon. We needed to get some lube, because his dick actually got friction burn. That's how long and hard we were going. I've been going over to fuck him just about every day after his parents leave. My friends can't believe it and are a little jelly. This is already the best summer ever.

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  • Right on girl!

  • Enjoy.

  • He will.

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