A show for my husband

A couple of years ago me and my husband went to a strip club together as a birthday treat for him. I had never been to one before and thought it would be fun to enjoy watching the girls together, and later we could talk dirty about what we had seen while we fucked.

I had never been in a room with so many bare breasts, it was amazing. After a while I asked my husband to choose his favourite so I could buy him a private dance.

He picked a girl called Sophie, she said she was 19 and a student and would do a private dance for us both for £50. I thought it was a bargain. She was a blue eyed brunette like me (hubby has a type) but her eyes were the most intense blue I've ever seen. She was on the skinny side but had perfect breasts and gorgeous legs. She was beautiful and we both fancied her.

Anyway, we go into one of the private rooms and she reminds hubby of the rules - basically look but don't touch and keep it in your pants. She gets down to it and I watch her dance for him, stripping until she is totally naked except for her heels, getting close to him but never making contact, she was the perfect tease. He had a huge erection but kept it in his pants, just stroking himself through the material.

Then it was my turn. She came over to where I was sat and did the same routine, except at one point she grabbed my hand and placed it on her right breast and encouraged me to squeeze. I reached up and grabbed her other tit and had a good feel of her. My husband turned green with envy.

Sophie asked if I wanted to play, and of course I said yes. She leaned down and kissed me and we made out in front of my husband. She then pulled down my top, exposing my breasts. I stood up and she groped me from behind. I don't know who was more turned on at this point.

We kissed some more and touched each other's breasts. She sucked on one of my nipples and I nearly came. My husband had a damp patch on his pants from the excitement.

Then it was over, our time was up. We didn't go any further than kissing and groping, and my husband never got to touch Sophie but he enjoyed watching me with her.

Later we had amazing sex as I told him how good a kisser she was and how turned on I was when she sucked my nipples. I told him how much I wanted to taste her pussy, and he called me by her name as he entered me. We fantasized about having her join us in bed, and we both had intense orgasms thinking about sexy Sophie.

1 month ago

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    • Not surprised. Your evening went about like mine the first time I went with my wife to a strip club. I actually don't care for strip clubs as I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and I don't have money to waste on strippers. When my wife and I went, it was pretty obvious she really enjoyed herself. Eventually my wife started stripping when out of town on amateur nights. Once hooked, she got a job stripping in a club and hour from home.

      The first year to year and a half her stripping was an elixir to our marriage and to our home's finances. She couldn't wait to pounce on me when she got home and the money was almost double what we were both bringing in from our regular jobs. During this time she dramatically changed up her looks when working so she would be less likely to be recognized by patrons that knew her outside of stripping.

      Not wanting my friends and family to know my wife was stripping, I eagerly helped her improve her alternate persona and looks to not easily be recognized. Once she got her look and character to where she was positive she wouldn't be recognized, she started stripping at our local strip clubs. It seemed nothing excited my wife more then stripping for men she knew but didn't recognize her her back. Working nearer home, she was able to slip in more hours, have less expenses and still keep her day job as cover.

      I knew that at some point she would start doing more than stripping at work. When she started getting WAY better at sex acts at home I knew she had succumbed to temptation at work. Right about the same time our home sex life started slowing down. I got depressed and eventually informed her that I didn't get married to be celibate. She scoffed at first and then stopped herself. She felt really bad but didn't want to stop.

      I put in for a transfer. When I got it I gave her the ultimatum. She moved with me and never worked as a stripper again.

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