I am attracted to old men

I am 16 years old and I was very naughty from a young age and was known as a slut at school. That isn't a fair thing to say because it's OK for boys to chase girls for sex but a girl like me who enjoys sex and likes a lot of it is called a slut. Anyway, I got fed up with the petty minded boys at school and I started to get to know one of my neighbors a bit more. He is a man in his 70s and I could tell when he looked at me he liked what he saw So I would visit him in his house quite often and I would wear a short skirt or show off my cleavage and I could tell he liked this too. So one day I went round to his house wearing just a thin and very short cotton dress, nothing underneath. He made us a cup of tea and I sat on the floor and gradually let my dress ride up so he could clearly see my pussy. I asked him if he liked my dress and in a croaky voice he said "yes". "Would you like me to take it off?" and again he said "yes" and I took it off and stood naked in front of him. I just felt wonderful, him drinking in my body with tears in his eyes, I took his hands and ran them over my breasts and I could hear him groan with pleasure. I got him to stand up and took down his trousers and pants and started sucking his cock. He came quite quickly and went to pull back but I held firmly onto him and carried on sucking him hard. Men are very sensitive after an orgasm and girls when they cum you should suck their cocks harder than ever. Many will say "No,no" etc but ignore them, they really are enjoying this part. Eventually his erection faded and we laid down in the 69 position and he started eating me out and once again I started sucking his now flaccid cock. After a few minutes I was now getting excited and had my first orgasm and then he started to get hard again. His second orgasm took longer, I was on my third or forth before he came again and this time his orgasm was immense. But did I stop sucking his cock this time? No not on your life. I now fuck this guy on a regular basis and I have found another couple of elderly chaps who also like to have sex with me. What I like most of my little male harem is that they don't crack 'slut' jokes at me. They enjoy me and my body and I enjoy theirs and their years of experience don't do any harm either


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  • I have been spanking girls for many years at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK I am 51 and enjoy my life

  • I've been fucking my best friend's dad. He's 47, I'm 19. My friend doesn't know about it and neither does her mom. We've been sneaking out and meeting up at a local hotel room. I even had sex with him and one of his friends too. The problem is that he has feelings for me and is getting pretty clingy. I'm thinking of cutting this off before it gets too serious and someone finds out.

  • I helped out this guy after his wife passed away from the neighborhood I grew up, I was around 20 at the time. He paid me to clean and make him dinners so he had some good food to eat. I showed up wearing a tank top one day and realized he was staring at me a lot. I figured it gave him a good thrill and I was right because he asked me one day if I would ever consider letting him pleasure me. He may not have been able to cook for himself but he was one hell of s great lover.

  • I recently started fucking an older guy I met. I'm twenty five and he is forty eight. He is so wild in bed. It is crazy. He fucks me senseless. He is so rough and dominated. He has really opened me up. Even got me to have a threesome with another girl with him. I was hesitant at first and he just said if I don't want to do then just get out. Ended up having a lot more fun. We were both calling him daddy and doing everything he wanted. He has changed my world.

  • I've been having sex with a guy who is old enough to be my dad for the last two years. He only ever stared at me and made comments when I was underage, but once I hit 18 nothing was held back. We have been fucking ever since. I'm 20 now and off going to college but he will come and see me, and when I go home I always go over to pay him a visit.

    He encourages me to have sex with guys my own age, but he knows I'll always coming crawling back to him. He is always better in bed, and acts in a manner now guy my age does.

  • I am 17 and I have been having sex with this guy who's 72 years young. It all started off he was teasing the hell out of me when I was at his son's birthday party and every time he caught me by myself he'd come over tickle me or give me kisses on my neck and he kept after me the whole day. Later when we went swimming in the pool out back all he did was stare art my body for the suit I wore didn't leave anything to any ones imagination for it was small and when I went into the kitchen to get several cans of pop for the guys and gals he followed and as soon as I turned the corner out of sight of the others he took hold of the strings on the sides of my bikini untying them and it fell to the floor leaving me nude from my breasts down. He let out a little whistle licking his lips he said Sue you surely do have a cute ass far more than I have visualized in my head as he turned me around and pushed me back to look at me but still held onto me and I followed his eyes and man did he take me in and I started getting turned on. Then he asked me to remove my top which I did slowly and he just kinda shook his head telling me it's been many years since I have seen anything so beautiful as you are and thanked me for sharing myself with him and I gave him one hell of a kiss holding my body against his and he went wild. Yes he mad love to me right there on the kitchen table cumming deep into me and I wanted him to, Since then he has met me when I go on walks in the early evening or at Linda's house when I go over there to go swimming and she's not home. I love the way he looks at me and it's not creepy at all and I love the way his hands caresses me and I really love his kisses and the way he makes love to me.

  • I am 16 and our neighbor who's 69 drives me up the wall so to speak. He has done everything to me as you wrote but a lot more and he's been my super daddy for the past five months taking me two three and four times a day and night.

  • Wish she was my neighbour.

  • Damn but I would love to meet this jail bait.

  • To well writen for a 16 yo. i dont believe you, gal^^

  • What you mean idiot is "Too well written....". Did you not learn English at school? Certainly in the UK I would expect 16 year olds to be well written, better than you at least.

  • I am fukin dis custard.

  • Good girl.

  • Now shame in that young boys and girls tend to have carnal thoughts about older people, just go for it. You will be having sex with someone of much more experience than the spotty oiks who are currently fucking you.

  • My gf has 32size boobs. But she is fucking hot during sex.We are in a serious relationship from last 3 years.Usually we had sex 2-3 times in a week.We love each other.Actually i have a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I usually cum in 5 min when I fucked her faster and harder.and she wanna get fucked harder and faster only... She luvvs it. Yesterday I was put my 2 fingers inside her pussy n fingering inside her like anything. She told me at that tym like that......fuck me like that. I wanna get fucked like that...faster and harder....When you will fuck me like that for half n hours.. It turned me on....but at the same time I feel embarrassed also that m not able to fuck her properly. I wanna satisfy her with my dick....Any Suggestions

  • I have some lovely pics of my daughter Julie 'performing' with our local football team and her horse. You won't believe the horse video. If you would like to see them then email me at touronroute@btinternet.com

  • Not fuckin likely you old perv Colin.

  • I feel guilty in admitting that I used to do similar things when I was very young. When I was 12 I visited a neighbor who was an old man. I was looking at pictures in his lounge, most were of naked women and I asked him who the artist was because they were very good. I was as surprised as shit when he told me he had painted them and that for years he had earned his living as a painter. He also showed me some of his beautiful landscapes, which was what he was known for and earned his living from. I asked him who the women were and with a twinkle in his eye he told me they were special women. Of course they were all of his life's lovers! I asked him if he would paint me and he asked me to take my clothes off, which I did. He then closely scrutinized my body and eventually said that I was beautiful and he would paint me. Over the next few weeks he painted me, in some of the sessions he did no painting but just looked at and touched my naked body, he called these study periods and I grew to love them. One day he undressed while I undressed and I was surprised at how good he looked naked. He asked me to do a study session on his body and I felt him all over and when I touched his penis he got a huge erection, at that age I had never seen such a big one and I was mesmerized by it, his penis was beautiful I thought. It was just a natural reaction to start moving his foreskin back and forward and I heard him moan in delight. He then asked if I would put his penis in my mouth and at the age of 13 I had never heard of such a thing but I did. He then told me to imagine that it was a lollipop, I did and after a while I felt this hot wash of semen shoot into my mouth, it was sensational. I carried on seeing him for years, he lives in sheltered accommodation now and I visit him quite often and give him a little treat. The experience gave me a desire for old men and even though I am happily married with 3 kids I still have sex with old men and love it.

  • I never believed any of this stuff until recently. We had an unseasonal bout of warm weather recently and I went for a walk in our local park, I sat down and smoked a joint I had rolled before I left home and man was I feeling good. Then a bunch of 4 girls (about 15-17 years old) sat on the grass just in front of me and started doing cartwheels and hand stands etc, right in front of me and not one of them had any panties on. One of them was less than 12 feet away and she was on all fours with her arse stuck up in the air and one her mates lifted the back of her dress up and I had a beautiful view of her arse and pussy. Her blouse had come forward and I could also see her small but beautiful tits. I lit another joint and all the girls had a little toke on it and man I was feeling even better. They carried on with their antics for a while and I smoked all the Bob Hope I had and eventually they waved goodbye and wondered away, each one giving me a view of their arses as they made their way. I had to get home and had a glorious wank - nice day all in all.

  • Haven't you young girls ever heard of saving yourselves for the right man?

  • Lol

  • Me and my best friend went out a few days ago with our phones and a speaker and were dancing in the park. We were wearing very short skirts but no panties. After a little while of us twirling and jumping we had a big audience of guys. Boy was it ever fun.

  • Me and a friend went flashing yesterday, we just love it.

  • I have to agree older men have a certain something that younger men don't. I was a dirty little cow at school, I used to let all the boys fiddle about with me and to be honest I never enjoyed it. One day I was at my Aunt & Uncles and me and my uncle were alone and I just all of a sudden wanted him bad. I went and sat on his lap and we started kissing and the rest followed from there. After that I stopped messing about with boys at school and I would only go out with older guys. One of them, who was married, set me up with a home of my own - yup he was loaded in more than one way. We have a child together and I see him as often as I can. I do see other men and he knows this but I will never be serious about any of them.

  • An older man is generally so much more sophisticated and sensitive. I lost my virginity when I was 13 to a man in his 50s but I told him I was 17 and he believed me and gave me such wonderful sex.

  • Me and a couple of friends have been flashing on the London Underground today. One of the girls even grabbed a guy's cock but because it was croded he couldn't see who had done it.

  • Do you still do this?

  • Congratulations, you have made these old men commit statutory rape. So if this is real cut it out SLUT!

  • Yeah where did she do that idiot?

  • Where exactly did I make them do anything arsehole?

  • Flashing, especially to old guys is fun.

  • Yeah I am a teen chick and like nothing more that to see the look of pleasure on an old guys face when I flash my pussy and/or tits.

  • I am a confirmed flasher to old women! It all started when I was about 11 and I had been kicked in the balls whilst playing rugby. I went to see my (rather attractive - ain't they all when you are 11) local doctor and she told me to drop my trouser and pants and then she started to feel my painful balls. All of a sudden the rather attractive (see above) practice secretary walked in without knocking and asked the doctor a question, the doctor started studying some notes and the secretary looked down at my wedding tackle as did a bunch of rather attractive (see above) women sat just outside in the waiting room. I had been fighting since the doc started feeling my balls to stop an erection happening but the games was up now, the helmet on my penis headed up towards the ceiling and for a while I thought I was going to cum. When the examination was finished I went out through the waiting room and got a round of applause from the women who had been looking at my wedding tackle earlier. I rushed out of there is quick as I could but later the thought of what happened would give me an erection and I started wishing I dropped my keks & shreddies right in front of those women.

  • (...cont) It was a life changing moment, I decided I was going to flash to old women, that is those older than my mum. I also contrived a few situations to flash to my mum and after a while if I was bathing or showering and nobody else was around my mum would help me to wash and I returned the favour and we still do it today. But I started jumping on the bus to go to parks away from where I lived and I developed a modus operandus which was: I would find an old lady sat on a park bench and if the coast was clear I would sit next to her, start chatting and eventually I would get my penis out and start massaging it. Not that elegant but efficient. They would either get up and get away sharpish, sit and watch until I came or ask if they could help. From this early age I started to have sex with old women, I lost my virginity to one when I was I guess 12 and it has carried on since then. Some of it has been kept in the family, I am shagging grannies now whom I first got to know when I was shagging their mothers! Now that is planning and execution for you.

  • I'm a teenage girl who watches porn and flashes my private parts to really old men and I love to that.

  • I'm deeply in love with a guy who is not only in love with me, but is also an amazing person and one of my best friends. We started dating 5 months ago and it's been incredible. We have great chemistry and we get along so well, and I can't remember the last time I was this happy. I'm 15 and he is 54.

  • I want to be licked and fingered by an old gentle nice man. My fantasy is to have an old man who I can hook up with for sex whenever we both feelin horny, I live in Denver.

  • I'm in Colorado Springs, email me new2it_newbe@hotmail Hotmail.com

  • I was fascinated reading these posts because although I am over 60 a young girl hit on me. She lived nearby and we got talking one day and she was not having a good time, at that time she was 12 and her parents were mainly absent, she had to look after herself. We met a few times in passing and as we got more friendly I told her where I lived and if she ever needed anything she was to come to me. A few weeks later she was at my door, her parents had had a big fight, her mother was in hospital and the old bill had taken her father away. Of course I invited her in and said she could stay as long as she wanted, I had a spare room which had a lock, so she should feel secure. After a while social services turned up and wanted to put her in care but she managed to convince them to leave her with me, not sure how I think she may have told them I was her uncle. It was great having her around and soon she treated it like home, after a few mornings here she was wondering around naked first thing in the morning and at night and often she would get into bed with me and cuddle up. We would both be naked btw! I never intended things to go any further but I would often wake up in the morning and she would be holding my dick, often stroking and sometimes sucking it. We would bath together and dry and talc each other, which was very enjoyable. Well I managed to keep from letting it go all the way right until her 16th birthday and even then I thought it was wrong. We had for a while been having 69s and that evening we started out in that position but after a while she got on top of me and worked my dick so it slipped into her pussy, ecstasy. She will be 20 next birthday and ironically enough I will be 69 on mine and we are still very much together, don't know how long it will last but each day is pure joy.

  • At 14 mom and dad were fighting all the time and it seemed like they would fight at the stupidest of things so I had enough so I packed my back pack with some clothes and I hit the road. I ran away.
    The first night I stayed with a girl friend of mine and after three days I had to get out of their house for her mom told me I couldn't stay after she found out I ran away from home and that night I slept in the park beneath a spruce tree making a bed out of the dried spines that fell from the tree and with my clothes covering them I got a good night's sleep. I had saved up almost 40 dollars and that morning I got me breakfast at Mc Donalds and I was walking along the river and I met this old man and we were talking and I told him I ran away from home and he told me he had a spare room and I could sleep at his house if I wanted and I accepted his offer telling him it would be for only a few days , well that was three years ago. He treated me with kindness and I stayed longer then one day he started in rubbing my shoulders for I was sore after moving a bunch of junk for a neighbor of his and he ended up giving me one hell of a massage making all my soreness seem like nothing and man did I ever sleep on the couch in his arms for like 10 hours and when I woak up in the morning he was already awake and I reached up and gave him a big kiss and told him thanks for the good nights sleep and I asked if he held me all night and he said yes and I kissed him again.
    That night he gave me another rub down and again I fell asleep in his arms but when I woak up the following morning I was in bed with him and he was still holding me and again I kissed him and told him thanks. I still had my clothes on so I knew nothing happened to me that shouldn't have and if it had I would have let him for secretly I was in love with him even tho he was like 40 years my senior but I didn't care.
    At 16 he took or I should say I gave myself to him and we started in sleeping together all the time.

  • I've slept with over 35 men in the last few months, all very high class men and much older than me and loved every minute. They think they are using me, but little do they know I feel more powerful using them for my pleasure. Even when they have me bent over fucking me and making me moan. Thinking of all the old dicks that I've sucked and fucked turns me on soooo much. I want more...

  • I am a 19 year old girl and I love CUM! I cant get enough. I started having sex at 12, and I have been hooked on the stuff ever since. my first fuck was 55 and he talked me into tasting it after he shot it all over me! I have been with hundreds older guys just to get their jizz. If they shoot it in me I let it run out in my hand so I can eat it. I even found a condom in the trash that I think my dad used on my mom and cleaned it out. I go to porn stores and bars to find men to supply me. I dont care what they do as long as I get mine. I was in a circle jerk when I was 16 and let 22 army guys fuck me and then they all came on me at the same time. It was heaven! I spent an hour eating it all! Then I got sick, but it was worth it. If you live in Illinois and want to feed me leave your email.

  • Ok so I'm a 14 female I'm going to be 20 in a few months and I met this guy through social media. He's in his early 60s but he's super sweet and all. We've been sexting a lot lately and both of us are into bdsm and ddlg which is perfect. I love it when he calls me his lil slut and tells me how much he wants to fuck me. We live far away from each other but we exchange videos and pics. I love fingering my self to his videos and his voice is so fucking sexy he makes me horny every time I think about him! I'm a virgin and he's okay with that and says that he's going to be the one to pop my cherry. The only thing is I still live with my parents and there super strict so it's kinda hard for me to not only sneak out but to also go somewhere without telling them who I am with. And I definitely don't want to tell them I'm talking to an older guy cause they would kill me! But at the same time I really want his cock deep in side my pussy, arse, and Throat.

  • How do you go from 14 to 20? Fucken troll.

  • I am a 14 year old girl in the 8th grade. I recently have become sexually attracted to a teacher at my school who is also one of my Track coaches. It first started when we were doing squats for warmups. I looked over at her and she was facing away from me, her arse sticking out. She has a really nice arse and I immediately felt myself getting moist. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to masturbate. Another time we were doing squats again and I again got moist looking at her tits (she was facing towards me this time) I'm pretty sure she noticed me looking at her tits and then she looked straight at my crutch and a moist patch there and smiled. I wanna know if anyone who's a teacher or student who's felt this way towards a student or teacher, and whether its normal or not.

  • If you fancy old men then leave your email and you can fuck me.

  • I wish you were my neighbor honey.

  • I am fukin dis custard!

  • I am old can you come and fuck me please.

  • Man do we!

  • We need more young girls like you m'dear, many more.

  • You can suck my cock any time babe.

  • There is a young girl lives close to me who visits me now and again, I am 67 btw and she would be about 16 I guess. When she sits down she always shows her knickers and as my garden is very private during last summer she sunbathed topless in my garden. Now until I read these posts I thought there was nothing in it but next time she visits I am going to somehow create a situation where she sees my cock!

  • I managed to flash my cock and made her think it was an accident. Next time she came round I just got it out and she sucked my cock.

  • We could do with more sorts like you pet.

  • There is nothing wrong in this it is just a manifestation of your sex drive. I am a mature, professional woman but I still love to give a man a flash of my panties when I get out of a car etc. I also like to sunbathe topless, as many women do in Europe and that is just a case of flashing surely.

  • When I do a bit of flashing it all seems so innocent and such fun. It also brings a smile to some old guys faces, what is wrong with that?

  • Danm girl! We need more young girls like you. Reading about all these girls and women who like to flash older men makes me wonder, "Where the hell are you all?" I'd love to see some, have only seen one young girl flash her bra from a distance once. What the world needs is more exhibitionists. And lots of them!!!!!

  • Me and my best friend love flashing to old guys, what could be more exciting.

  • I was at a petrol station a few weeks ago and a girl flashed me her pussy as she got into her car. I was astonished, I looked at her and she had a knowing smile on her face. I had to tug myself off when I got home.

  • Were you standing at the telly? And I was getting into my 68 MGBGT?

  • You sound like a little slut, what man would want to marry you.

  • I wouldn't mind taking her out though, give her a fish and chip supper and you don't know where it might lead.

  • I feel sorry for guys because if they flash they get into trouble but us girls can flash away and no problems. When I was about 13 and at school a guy used to flash in the woods at the back of the school. There was a chain link fence there and most of the girls used to run away but me and my friends used stop to look at his dick. One day I was near his flashing place when I saw him walking along the path ready for flashing. I run out in front of him and lifted my skirt, I had no panties on btw and he just stood there frozen. I went over to him and took his dick out and started jerking him off, I used to jerk off guys at school and I knew I had gotten pretty good at it. Anyway I jerked him off until he came and he stood there and cried, honest he just sobbed. I felt so sorry for him and so I just hugged him. Eventually he gave me his address and on occasions I would go to his house and jerk him off and later on, when I had found the joys of sucking cock, I would give him a blowjob. btw if you boys are wondering I am swallow not spit! In fact I like a little gargle first.

  • Me and my friends often go to our local mall and flash to older guys. We say we do it to see the surprise on their faces, but I do it because I enjoy it. When I get old enough I want to be stripper or pole dancer or something like that. I want lots of men to gawp at my body.

  • I am a women in her 60s and I dream of flashing my bits and bobs to some chaps. I do a bit of flashing to my son in law, pretending it's an accident and acting cool about it. Funny thing is that in the last couple of months he has 'accidentally' flashed to me. I used to flash when I was young and that was easy in the mini-skirt age, we would go to our local youth club with a short skirt and not wearing panties and flash to boys we would fancy. I miss that and would like to do some more of it.

  • Darling I think you would be surprised by the positive response you would get if you took up flashing again. I for one would love to see it.

  • I suspect that guys and girls enjoy it just as much. Is it something older men like to do?

  • ...sorry I mean older women!

  • I find the idea of men flashing to women very discomforting but I find the idea of women flashing to men very erotic. Now isn't that strange.

  • I also flashed to a woman on a train once. I was 12 and she must have been 70, it was just so horny. I carried on flashing to old women for years after that first one, the best place was local parks during summer. I remember once flashing to 4 old women sat on a park bench, they giggled and reached out to play with my dick, it was lovely. I was in a toilet in a local park once having a pee and looked round and there was an old biddy standing at the door watching me. When I had finished I left my dick out and walked towards her. I asked her if she would like me to carry her shopping home and she said yes please. So I put my dick away and carried her shopping home. She lived in a little bungalow and I helped her put her little bit of shopping away. We were all alone so I took my trousers and pants off and started to play with myself in front of her. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. We stripped naked and she showed me what sex was, I was 13 at the time and I will never forget that first sex with this woman. There were many more sessions after this but that first one was the most memorable.

  • Wow that sounds tres hot man, wish I had the guts to do it. I would love to flash at old women.

  • Flashing to guts is fun but somehow its so much satisfying flashing to older guys. FACT

  • ...or even flashing to guys... which is what I meant.

  • I am a 18 year old female in great shape and everyone says I got the best ass of any one they have seen or been with and I get groped all the time. I don't have to go looking for it just happens. It don't matter if I am in a supermarket or a clothing store my ass gets felt up, patted, pinched or what ever. A lot of the times I let him but if they are young I push them away but older guys I'm theirs. Something about a older guy gets me going and I let them feel me turning me on more and more by the minute. Even to the point of having sex with a few in the clothing circles at Walmart or in their car out in the parking lot Some I have even gone home with and a few I have met more than once and a very few a lot more than just three or four times. I never have had a older man call me a slut like the guys my age has and younger, guess that's why I love older men married or not.

  • Yeah course you do. Where do you idiots get off writing this fantasy stuff. Where on Earth do you live that you can't go in a supermarket without being groped? Sounds like the sex offenders wing in a prison. Please give us a break and make it a bit more believable in the future. Perhaps you ought to write about your own sex as well, you don't make a very convincing woman. This whole thread sounds like a load of old tosh to me but your post takes the biscuit for being the most obvious lie.

  • Not a lie buddy. It happens all the time at least twice a week.

  • I am a man and when I was younger 12ish on I used to love flashing to older women. I was on a train once, back in the days when they had those small compartments and all alone with an old woman. I was chatting to her and I just had this feeling of popping my thing out and I did. I was really hard and it was swinging about and I stood up so it was nearer her face. I suddenly got very worried and said I better put that away and she said "No wait until the next station" and she held my thing. She lived in a one of those flats for older people and I got off at her stop and went back to her flat and we had a cracking time. Quite often you get a more negative reaction but I doubt very much if you young girls do.

  • You are a very bad and I wish there were more like you.

  • I'll drink to that buddy.

  • Its just a bit of fun really. Me and my best friend do flash our knickers at older blokes and they do seem to like it. My best friend keeps saying we should do it with our knickers off and I think I am coming round to the idea.

  • I really wish some young girls would flash me their bits and pieces. The last time I saw a flashed minge in public was when I was at Uni in the 1970s. A bunch of us were lounging around on the grass (and we were on grass if ya know what I mean) and a girl was sat opposite me in a way so that I could see up her skirt and I could see her minge because she was knicker-less or sans knickers as the French would say. When we were walking back towards the campus buildings she came up beside me and asked if I had had a good look. I got so embarrassed that I couldn't answer, she laughed put her arm around mine and said come on and see the rest of it. We were together for a couple of sex filled lovely years and when we last met at a Uni reunion we had sex again. CHAMPION

  • I think a lot of us young girls like to flash to older guys, all of my close circle of friends absolutely love it. You want to see us when we go to the gym. We sometimes go out and flash in groups, if you think the expression on a guy's face is great when he sees one pussy, just imaging what it is like when he sees 6 or 7 pussies.

  • I just cannot believe that young girls would do such things, they bring shame on womanhood. I enjoy sex with my husband and within a couple of affairs I had in the past. I wasn't proud of these affairs, my husband did not find out about them so 'all's well', as they say. I have resisted any temptations in the last few years and I hope I have the strength to resist in the future. But the thought of going out and exposing your self to old men is vile.

  • Things are different now, we girl can do what we want. Tell me truthfully if beautiful young man came along and wanted to get into your knickers would you tell him to get lost? Don't think so.

  • Well when you put it that way I suppose I would let him in. In fact my last affair was with a man 20+ years younger than me and was it ever such fun. But I do love my husband and I am so frightened what would happen if he found out what I have done. But I am getting that urge again, do you know that feeling when you pull a chaps pants down and see his tackle for the first time. Well I am really missing that buzz.

  • When I was 13 running around with the other girls my age we'd get into a lot of trouble flashing older guys well by thee time I was 16 I grew out of it and kinda kept to myself. Never had sex with a guy till I was 19 and it wasn't all that I thought it would be and didn't have it again till I was 23 and then it was a lot different. It was with a older man 28 years my senior and I didn't know he was married at first but found out after the 20th time and that was the end of our relationship. But after three months of not being loved I called him and met him again and he continued to meet me for sex for another three years then he moved away and again I was without.
    I am one not to go to bars for all the guys I have met up with has been at the mall or super markets, I don't like to drink or get drunk for I get to unhiberated and do things I regret.
    It has been almost a year and I have been having thoughts about flashing older guys again, guess I am getting horney all over again.

  • I love flashing to older men, it is such a buzz. On the tube, on the bus, in a park, in a pub. I once even flashed an old guy in my GPs surgery. I never wear bra and pants and I usually wear short skirts. I believe in being ready. It's the look on a guy's face when he realises that he can see your pussy or tits, magic feeling.

  • Similar here, but, I'm the older (40s) guy who loves the younger women. Have to be 18, but usually, aren't much more than that. Maybe 21. I make friends with, then conquer, the young hostesses and waitresses at sports bar I go to. It's great because they're all so hot, willing, and tight, and change jobs quickly, so there's always a fresh supply to choose from. One was in and out of jail twice, and I still went after her upon her return. And the little latino girls just..like..sex..So much. Had at one a few weeks ago, we got a bit rough, and left deep, black and blue marks on each other's bodies. I live alone and don't care; She lives with her baby daddy...Not my problem if he saw the marks I left on her.

  • Oh dear a fantasist, a Walter Mitty, what is your make-believe like? Oh yes we just need to read your post.

  • This site is full of muppets like him. Never fucked a woman and he probably never will, but what a fervent and distorted imagination. Ya have to laugh.

  • I often flash in public to older man. Getting out of my little sports car is so much fun with a short skirt and no knickers. You can certainly bring a smile to someone's face. Changing rooms in stores, just leave the curtain a little bit open. Wearing a top that flops forward when you want it to, when you are not wearing a bra is best. I like to flash to my dad and I can see he likes it. Sitting around on the floor with a short low-cut dress and nothing else and then bring your knees up towards your face. Purfect.

  • Me too, I am 17 btw. I went to a cinema wearing a very short skirt and for a dare from my friends sat next to a guy in his 60s in the back row. After a few minutes I could feel his hand rubbing my thigh and my first thought was to push it off but it felt so nice that I let him keep doing it. He never felt my pussy just rubbing my thigh - inner & outer btw. At the end of the movie he whispered in my ear "Same time next week" and I nodded and when I looked at him I could see he was really well dressed, very smart with grey hair and beard, a la Kenny Rodgers style. Much to my surprise I found myself in the cinema next week and there he was in the back row. I sat next to him, gave him a little kiss on his cheek and got hold of his hand and put it on my thigh again. I wasn't wearing any knickers and after a while I took his hand and placed it on my pussy. He gently rubbed my pussy for the rest of the show and I put my hand on his crutch and rubbed his erection. I had to stifle my moans and groans when I orgasmed, which isn't easy. You try it. Next week went much the same except this time I took out his dick and started to suck it, after a while he shot out an enormous load into my mouth just as I was cumming and neither of us was able to stifle our groans etc and everyone looked around. We chatted after the movie had finished and we are meeting up tomorrow but not at the cinema but somewhere private. He asked me if I liked my arse being licked and said if I did then he will spend most of the time licking my arse. I shudder thinking about our next meeting and have lost count of the number of times I have masturbated after our last meeting. I think about him and I have to masturbate, simple as. I will post after Sunday.

  • I to am addicted to older men, over 50.
    I am 17 and in great shape and been told I am a big tease by the way I dress but I get a lot of attention and quite often get felt up in stores even to the point of hooking up with guys. I love malls where they have benches and you find older guys sitting around looking at all the young girls wishing they could get some or just day dreaming and I love teasing the hell out of them. Bending over pretending to be tying my shoe giving them full view of my bottom and puss. I have gotten more dates that way and I am about not to quit.

  • Ooh I like that. I am a couple of years older than you and like to fuck older men, my record is a dear old chap of 84 and I was surprised that he got it up and kept it up. When the summer comes I will try your park bench thing. I guess you are in the US, I am in the UK which is a shame because we could go out and 'double team' some old boys, put on a little show. Then you and I could go somewhere private and have some girl on girl action, I assume you are bi?

  • Yes I am in the US Washington state to be exact.

  • You could talk dirty to me though.

  • Thought so.

  • Oh baby!

  • Any young women reading this - don't discount older men. If you want some truly mind-blowing sex, it's the older guys who will give it to you. They will almost ALWAYS put your pleasure ahead of their own.

  • When and how can I meet up with you sweet lady? I lust for a young pussy to lick and fuck. The greatest is when young pussy is treated nicely it will produce the nicest cum that will lead to the best sex for both the lady and the older man. I am 54 and I know there is no better sex than if you pleasure the lady first.

  • That's for sure and I can verify that many times.

  • I am all for that, I love having sex with older, more considerate men.

  • I am all for sluts, I can't imagine what my growing up years would have been like without them. So horny girls keep doing your stuff and please do it with guys north of 50.

  • Yeah that's it init? I ain't exactly a slut, I am 18 and have had full sex with only 6 boys but they still me call a slut. Oh yeah always ready to touch me up and the other girls are just as bad. Bloody hypocrites.

  • You sluts are the fucking pits!

  • That sounds like jealousy, aint ya getting your share a-hole?

  • Ha ha I dont think he is dude.

  • They call me a teen slut too. I am 19 and love to fuck and have since I was 12. I will fuck men and women but have no desire to fuck really old men and women but after reading your post I think I might give em both a try. LONG LIVE THE SLUTS!

  • Love your comment "Unless you are repugnant to look at, smell bad or you are a complete cunty-arse then I would love to shag you.". But I would say if you ain't revolting to look at, not smelly and not an a-hole - but it means the same sister. Love the expression cunty-arse, my first girl-on-girl sex was with a young traveler/gypsy in Kent, she had loads of really dark hair and ivory white skin. At the time I had never consider girl-on-girl but she charmed my knickers off and when her tongue wriggled it's way into my pussy I started cuming straight away. She used to call people cunty-arse, she had a wonderful vocab, never heard before or since a woman who would swear so much - happy days indeed. I fell in love with her but she just wanted a few days of sex and then she moved on. Anyway I digress, I love older men too, I am in my 30s and I haven't shagged a man less than 55 for years. They are so much more sensitive, they have found out the secret of sex and that is of course: Please the woman first and your pleasure will automatically follow. With most young men they see it as being all about them. I have two lovers at the moment, both late 50s early 60s and another old guy is chatting me up at work. He is a director at my company and he has taken me to the theater a couple of times and I think it's about time I started sucking his cock. But I have started thinking about my gypsy girl and I am now going to pull my knickers down and give myself an orgasm or two or three. Although thinking about it maybe I should wait until I get home!!!

  • Well I am going on 17 and I love older men as well and I'll admit I haven't had one over 54 as of yet but every one I have had really does me good. A hell of a lot better than kids my age or a bit older. I say YEA to older men, I love ya.

  • Well young lady I'm over 54 and I'd love to help you with some mind blowing orgasms. I'm not that big only 8 inches but I can get it hard and go for a couple of hours without cumming. It's been a while since I've had some young pussy.

  • See exactly what I ws thinking. I like sex, I like to suck, I like my pussy being licked, I like fucking, etc. I have been fucked a lot even at my young age and yet the idiots call me a slut its OK for them to shag around but not me. Mind you I think most of the saddos in here have never had a woman, wouldn't know what to do. ROFLMAO

  • I would like to enjoy you sucking and fucking there is nothing better than riding a young pussy I would love to hook up every day.

  • Unless you are repugnant to look at, smell bad or you are a complete cunty-arse then I would love to shag you.

  • Ya got some comments from plonkers who know they will never fuck anyone as exciting as you.

  • A 16 year old who sucks cock and 69s? Yawn. Wake me when she takes it in the ass.

  • Well I definitely wouldn't go out with you if you'd fall asleep all the time. Yes I do love anal no worries about getting PG that way.

  • Btw... I dont like it when you keep sucking our cock.. Hurts like hell. Is not sexy. Bad advice there

  • You speak for yourself idiot, I love my cock being sucked.

  • Me too, best thing ever!

  • Right after you cum? I call bullshit. That hurts like hell.

    I am more of a spray it on her face and slap it with my dick.

  • Faaaaake.... And if not, you have some mental issues. Grandpa? Not even a 40 year old?

  • ...er you could be a grandpa at 40!

  • If you are a grandpa at 40, your 20s and 30s sucked. Poor in a trailer.

  • ????? what's wrong with your arithmetic, ya should ha gone to skool.

  • Your just a little fucking gold digger hope some one gives you a dose of the clap .

  • That's nice, you really are a good person. NOT I think you in't getting your share.

  • You sound like a good fun girl and very game. I would like to meet a young girl like you.

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