Teasing my daddy

My dad always yells at me to close the door to the bathroom when my moms around but when shes not around he leaves the door open when hes peeing, i need his cock ong

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  • Does he know you are watching him pee is his dick swollen

  • Every girl sees there dads cock, I wanted to see my dads very often when I became aware of my sexuality because I wanted to see what gave me life,
    I wanted to see him with an erection and see his sperm.
    A question is that really wrong of me

  • Not wrong at all.

  • I wanted to see my dads juices flow

  • Little flirts, touches, staring at the bulge you keep giving him..lead him and score for sure within a week at most

  • You should be a good little girl and suck your Daddy's cock

  • How

  • Age?

  • So suck it

  • How do i ask him

  • Just keep working it so that he grows big around you, smile while looking at it, make little comments like Wow, hug him but grind a little. it wont take more than a day or 2

  • Sometimes actions speak louder than words

  • Why don't you leave the door open when your mom isn't around?

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