Sister dating hot lesbian, getting turned on, help

My sister is bisexual, and right now she has a girlfriend. Due to property prices both me and my sis still live at home, and we share the second floor of our parents house and a bathroom. Our parents have been ok with boyfriends staying over and now girlfriends, but for me it's been hard. The sound of two people having sex is a turn on, but not when it's a guy nailing your sister, now though it's a girl. I have always been turned on by lesbians (see porn history) so now I get such a hard on when they have sex, and yes I have listened and jerked off, even though it's my sister.
What makes it so bad is this girl is so freaking hot, and when parents are not here she walks round the house in a t-shirt and panties. My sister just says to her "don't worry that's just my little brother" (I'm 19)
Anyway I think this girl knows I fancy her and plays up to it, making sure I get an eyeful. So here is my dilemma, super hot girl naked in the next room, I can spy on her but will see my sister naked to. So what did I do, I'm a guy, a spied and wanked off. It so easy to watch from the bathroom. Here's the thing, I used to try not to look at my sister, but one day I thought 'she's hot too' now I just enjoy my live sex shows and try not to think about it being my sister.
Am I a pervert, or just a guy? Anyone else experience d similar?

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  • I filmed them as a couple of you suggested, I have about 40 mins of pretty good lesbian pprn now 😀
    Thing is it has my sister in, and I have jacked off to the vid like 5 times already and I worry that I have stopped pretending it's not my sister and I have some wired insest desires now!

  • You need to hide a video camera, or at least a camera for when your sister and her girlfriend are going at it. I think you need to fuck your sister and her girlfriend both. If they're not willing to include you, threaten to put the video/pictures you took of them on porn sites. That should get them to open their legs giving you access to their pussy's.

  • Get them both.

  • I'd think that the odds that you will end up test driving your sister's girlfriend are very, very good, if she's also bi. She isn't walking around you in panties because she's trying to keep secrets from you.

  • You are no pervert, I'd do the same thing. You are in an excellent position to do both of them doggystyle as they eat each others pussy out.

  • Time for a spy cam young man..... sis will get over it if she finds out. and post the videos of the little kitty lickers for us too plz.

  • No.

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