Mom caught my sister and I naked, playing house.

Well this all happened back when my sister and I were both thirteen. We are twins, identical twins, when we were younger you couldn't tell us apart. Now that we're older we still look the same from the shoulders up. However from the shoulders down you can she has big boobs and a nice ass, I just got a dick.
We lived in an older farm house, the kind that the only way the upstairs got heat was through the open greats in the floors. Which were also nice for spying on what was going on in the bedroom below my sisters. When was my moms bedroom. Mom had a lot of friends, or should I say us kids had a lot of uncles, that would come and vist my mom all hour of the day and night. We never knew our father.
Anyway my sister and I would play and act out what we seen our mom and her friends doing in her bedroom. Well at least from what we could see them doing through the floor great. When mom burst in on us. We were both naked, my sister was straddling my face so I could eat her pussy , and at the same time she was leaning foreword with her lips wrapped around my cock given me a BJ. Mom screamed, my sister sat up real fast, grinding her pussy down on my face and driving my tongue deeper into it, causing her to orgasim. This sent me off and my cock ejaculated shooting my cum straight up in my sisters face. Well needless to say our mother was pissed.
Well we took our lumps and punishments. But that didnt stop us, it probably wasn't till we were fifteen before we actually fucked. Up until that point it was just oral sex.
Well my sister and I are now twenty-seven, mom's pass away a year ago to cancer. So now my sister and I are all each other have. So we are making the best of it. If you know what I mean.


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  • There is no such thing as identical twins that are opposite sex. It's a fantasy story.

  • Many siblins experiment, not sure why you were punished.

  • Siblings i mean

  • Yeah I figured out what you ment. Well what I didn't mention is we didn't know until we older that mom was actually a prostitute, plus she drank some, and was in to drugs a little. Apparently this was how she paid the bills and kept a somewhat roof over our heads. We didn't have the greatest childhood, but we weren't really abused either. None of moms men ever tried anything with either one of us. I guess we were about as normal as any other kids.

  • How is your mom now?

  • As my brother mentioned in his original post. She passed away just a little over a year ago to cancer/HIV. We both loved her, and miss her alot. She did the best she could to care for us. Granted a better line of work might have helped us some. She would be happy to know that my brother and I are talking really good care of each other.

  • Howdy sorry to hear about your mother passing, I understand what you are going threw my mother passed oct 2016. I am glad you have each other . I most likely will never talk to my siblings anymore the way they treat me, I wish I had a sister that I could of trusted growing up. Do you mind say how old you two when the oral sex started?

  • We were 13 yrs. old.

  • Sorry about your mom. Are you and your sister a couple?

  • Depends on who you ask. The people who we've only met in the past few years, and didn't know us growing up as kids. Thing we are a loving couple, we'll hug and kiss in front of them. The folks that knew us growing up we act like siblings. When nobody's around we fuck like rabbits.

  • Yeah like my brother said, we have sex a lot. Our goal is to get this house done, and fix up the out buildings that can be salvaged. Sell this farm and move to a warmer climate. Like some where with a lake or beach.

  • Best of luck! Should be legalized

  • I hope ypu have a wonderful child someday

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