Men are easy to tease!

Men are so easy to distract in the business environment. I’m glad they are keeping their hands to themselves more, because it makes it easier to tease them. Bending over instead of squatting to pick something up. Crossing and uncrossing our legs, dipping our shoes. The sound our heels as we walk and for us thicker ladies, the sound of our nylon thighs as we walk. The accidental dick graze in the crowded elevator. I present sweet and shy boys, but don’t let that fool you. I will make those cocks flinch in those slacks of yours.

3 months ago

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    • Worked in an office full of women for around six years.
      If I remember there were 7 women and me. I never got to
      fuck any of them but I gave so many foot massages I lost count.
      Sucked a few toes in stockings and bare feet. Was a good job. Miss it really.

    • You are so fortunate , you should contact at least one of them and tell her that those years working with them and worshiping them were wonderful and that you are very grateful that they asked you do that for them , tell me , did you even pleased your female boss in that way ?

    • Sure you did I bet those women there wanted you mouth on their toe's! NOT

    • He is right you handicapped shit , shut up

    • I love you,, I’d like to have those nylon covered thighs around my ears

    • What's your real name, bub?

    • Who's name?

    • That only works for losers who never got laid. That don't work on the rest of us. Don't get me wrong if you look good and put on a show then we will watch like we are going to the circus and watching the freaks.

    • As a woman it’s so easy, but you’ve got to be careful. I won’t have sex with men I work with until after I’ve moved on from the company. I have had some flings with previous co-workers and bosses, which were so hot. It is so easy, a quick text like “want to get a drink with me?” Then when they show up, add alcohol, and using my seductive skills as a woman and I have had some fun! Keeps things interesting and keeps away the problems and issues that arise if you have a fling with a coworker. Also, my husband never suspects anyone I work with.

    • You must like dick more than my wife does

    • I would hate to be the poor fool that marries you.

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