Unexpected fun with my daughter-in-law

Almost since my son married, I have fantasied about his wife. Over the years I have seen a few nice pics of her but nothing like what happened a few days ago. I have seen down here shirts but never a good view of those lovely breasts. So I went over to take something to there house and she was home alone and when we spoke I could tell something was bothering her so I asked and she said she has a back pain. I in my best FIL concern said let me give you a back rub, not thinking she would say ok but she said that would be great. Now she almost always in leggings and a v-neck top. I told her to lay on her stomach and I would see what I could do. Again not thinking much about anything happening, I started massaging her back, shirt was on. I continued for 15 minutes are so and could tell she was relaxing and even said that feels great. This is when my mind started thinking of sexual thoughts so I asked if she would like if I massage her feet and legs and again I heard that would be nice. I began at her feet and slowly worked up her calfs and the back of her thighs. I thought I noticed her even move her legs apart just so slightly. Well I I continued to rub her legs, I got a little more brave and worked up towards her lovely ass and again I sensed she was breathing heavier and just so pressing down on the table ever so slowly. Now my mind is running crazy, I have been working on her for about 30 minutes. I decided to ask if she wanted to turn over so I could do the top of her legs and got even more excited when she did turn. That is when I noticed, right at the v, was a nice wet spot on her leggings. I began at the lower legs and moved up to the vaginal area and was just about to go out of my mind. Did she want me to do more or was I just fantasizing. Any way as I worked her top thigh area I was leaning ever so close to her pubic area and could suddenly smell her women hood. Her eyes were closed so she did know how close I was to her pussy. Then it happened, I leaned down putting my mouth on that wet spot and blew hot air into her pubic area and she just raised up and moaned just a little. At that point I pulled her leggings and panties down and just sucked and licked and anything else I could do with my mouth. I worked at making her cum but suddenly I stopped, thinking no matter what, I was going to be in trouble, but she quickly said don’t stop. Your son has never done this to me and I am going to have the best orgasm of my life and you know what, she did. Still never saw her tits but here is hoping. Also I did not fuck her. My greatest reward has alway been making sure that my wife and now my daughter in law, got as many orgasms as they could weather I had sex or not. I promise if you make them cum before you stick it in they will enjoy it even more!!!!


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  • You stage-manage all of this, and call it "unexpected" ? No, you're just a conniving, lecherous opportunist. I hope the skin rots off of your tongue.

  • You'll maybe have to offer again and if she takes you up on it, offer to do it properly with oils and her half (fully?) naked to start with. Imagine how hot and naughty it'll feel if you ever get to blow your load inside her! ;-)

  • You know for some reason it has not happened again. She seems a little distant now, my son does not act differently so he must no know what happened. I will just have to wait and see. Still was one of this days off my life!!

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