I let them all have me again and again

So, thank you all so much for your positive comments on my previous post, it means alot as have sex with 6 older guys is not something to boast about. my parents would hit the roof if they even knew i was hanging out with guys like that, and yeah, i had sex with all of them.

however i really enjoyed it and after seeing the guy who started it all a few times this week, i agreed to doing it again Friday night and it was even better than before.

it began different than last time, for obvious reasons but i was still nervous. more nervous as i knew what was going to happen but they surprised me. it wasn't all about them to start with it was all about me, stripping me down, hands all over me, each one going down on me to eat me out. i loved the attention again. we had porn playing on the tv but i didnt pay too much attention to that. once the fingering got started and i had started sucking a few cocks things moved forward but nobody entered me, just their fingers and alot of rubbing. it got me closer and closer to cuming but at everytime i though i was going to they stopped, i thought they were just teasing me but after a while the edges got more and more powerful until the oldest guy, had me squatting over the edge the sofa, fingering me and rubbing me so fast and hard, i was getting close to cuming expecting him to stop but he didnt. and that is when it happened.
i had never had an orgasim like that, never felt as wet as that, and never ever squirted but oh my god, it went everywhere. shocked and embarrassed but couldnt help myself from cuming more and more. my legs where shaking uncontrollably lungs hurt from breathing so hard.
as i caught my breathe, that is when the first guy opened my legs back up and entered me. god it just kept coming and coming.
felt out of this world, i was in a daze as one by one they all had sex with me. moving on to getting it in my mouth and pussy at same time. on my back and on my front, on all fours and on top of them. they went at me for hours.
by the time the first came i was unaware what he was doing, i was bent over the the arm of the sofa with one guy going at me from behind. the side my face resting on the sofa arm. he was pushing his cock into the inside me cheek and then he pull himself out.
i then felt his warm sticky seman hit the side my face, more and then more till he had none left. im not even sure which one it was but that was the first guy to have cum on my face.
after that i faced each guy, looking up as they wanked and came all over my face. until the last guy. i was on my back for that, facing him. looking down as i had cum all down my neck and chest, i could feel my face sticky and covered. as he came close he pulled out and shot his load up my body, hitting my chin with the first pump and the rest landing over my body.
it felt so dirty and horny. still in a daze i sat there for ages covered in all this cum. i could taste it, i could smell it. and i never felt so alive.
by the time i had the energy to stumble to the bathroom for a shower i caught a glimpse myself in the hallway mirror, i was covered in spunk. all those older guys spunk.
after my shower and the rest the guys had gone, i begged for my guy to fuck me again. and he did. i dont know what this is but i am really enjoying myself

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  • I used to meet and sleep with a group older guys back when i was 19, they did alsorts to me and now im 30 and my boyfriend, friends and family are none t wiser

  • I wouldnt worry about your parents hunny, i spent over a year getting it from my dealer and his mates, never needed to put my hand in my pocket just let them have their fun, older men love the younger girls like us x

  • This made my dick hard.

  • You should not have showered just let all the cum dry and crust on you, it sort of tightens but it really makes you feel like an absolute slut, sort of a bad/good feeling

  • It started to dry while i was sat there covered and i know exactly what you mean by feeling good/bad about being such a slut

  • Fucking hot.

  • How old are u

  • I will be 19 in august xxx

  • Sounds fucking awesome. Enjoy. I would want to swallow all that cum, though.

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