My ultimate fantasy

This fantasy was first imagined when Facebook was younger and did not have the functionality of auto-detecting adult content. Inappropriate photos or videos had to be manually reported by users and it wasn't uncommon for reported content to take many hours/days to be reviewed.

My fantasy was to find a woman online and who genuinely enjoyed seeing me humiliated. Someone that was smart and kind and funny that would let her naughty side take things as far as I wanted. I did actually find such a woman but in real life I chickened out and I regret that sometimes.

My fantasy was to develop a close relationship with this woman. Humiliation only works for me if it's with someone I know.

When we had been friends for many months and she understood that she had to go through with it and not let me back out..and she knew how much or a big deal it would be...I wanted to her completely expose and humiliate me in the worst way so I could never take it back.

I'd done other things to feel humiliated, phoned sex lines and paid cam girls to laugh at me. I'd masturbated for strangers on Omegle. I'd sent countless nudes to random strangers online.

I wanted something truly brutal.

I wanted to be stripped naked, shaved, and have a pink garter/stockings put on. A big vibrator shoved up my ass. I would be sat with my ankles pulled apart and tied. My knees pulled apart and tied. My arms would be tied to my legs.

In front of me would be a pc and a webcam pointing at me. Behind those, a bright studio light would illuminate me very well for the camera.

I would be displayed so that it was possible to see the dildo up my arse, my balls, my tiny little pecker (half inch soft, 3inches hard), my saggy man boobs and best of all, my face.

The pc monitor would come on and I would see my Facebook profile. My female accomplice will have used the login credentials I gave her. She will have changed the password as we agreed, so I couldn't delete anything after I was untied.

I would be sat there, totally naked and exposed, unable to back out now. Shaking with a massive adrenaline rush. This was it! I'd be terrified wondering why I'd asked for this but the horny perverted part of me would be dying for it to happen.

I would watch the screen and see that a new status had been would read "dear everyone, please accept my apologies in advance. I've removed anyone under 18 from my account. I have done so because I'm going to post photos of myself naked. The images will be public so you can share them or direct your friends to look here if you want. I'm sorry to my family members who will be offended and probably very embarrassed by me and for me. After years of being silently ashamed I've decided to face my demons. I know many of you have wondered if I'm gay because I never have a girlfriend. Well I'm not gay but you will see why. Again I am sorry but this is what I want I'd ask you not to report anything I want the photos here as long as possible.
I haven't been hacked and I am going to prove that this is me and that I really want this."

Then, I see my profile photo has been changed from a photo of me with my best mate, sitting outside the pub, a full frontal of me stark naked, face showing.

I sit there and think I'm going to have a heart attack. It's there it's happening it's actually my profile pic and ANYONE could be seeing it right best mate, my sister..even my mum lol. It was too much, I felt dizzy and I realized it wasn't a question of "if" those people saw, but when. I'd done it, I'd ruined myself!

It got worse/better...all the photos I'd given to my acomplise over the last few months were being posted and various people had been tagged. Firstly, she had tagged people who were showing as being online. 90% were people I knew but only from online. Gamer friends. But there were four people that I felt really humiliated about getting tagged, knowing they would probably soon see me if they hadn't already. A guy I met on holiday a few years ago and had stayed in touch with. My friend who I realized was at work and would probably show everyone. My aunt and my younger sister.

There were so many photos, close ups of me soft and hard, sometimes with a ruler. Lots of photos with my face showing to and me in girls underwear with things up my ass.

Then in comes my accomplice and starts to gently touch my cock she knows I'll cum so easy.

She grins wickedly


4 months ago

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    • And I thought that my fantasies were complicated. ..

    • Your story really turned me on. I would like to be in a similar situation but would be likely too afraid to do it. Humiliation, especially public humiliation is so arousing and I do partake in public behavior that is extremely humiliating. I love walking around in public in really short cut off jean shorts and bare feet. Half of my bare bum cheeks are exposed below the shorts and it is amazing the looks I get from people who see my bare behind. They either snicker or have a look of extreme disapproval or are just plain shocked. It is such a turn on. They also stare down at my bare feet and I get different reactions to this as well. I do this on the streets, in malls and retail stores and in restaurants.

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