Never thought

Me and the family went on vacation in Florida 2 weeks ago. It was me, my wife and her 18 year old daughter (not mine. Previous marriage). Everyone was having a great time.

Halfway thru I'm chilling in the pool. It was a hot day and I wanted to cool off. Sandra (my wife) was at the beach with her nephews. Cassie comes up to me in the pool. She says, "What are you up to?" I said, "Nothing. Just chilling." She said, "Ah. Where's mom?" I said, "She took Rick's kids to the beach."

I was on the corner of the pool with my arms stretched out on the sides. Cassie kinda faced the same way and cuddled up a bit. Put her head on my shoulder and put her arm around my waist. She said, "Oh shit. You're getting buff!" I said, "Yeah. It's the job. Lots of running around. That and I'm working out 3 times a week." She said, "You look really good. Bet mom loves it." I said, "If she does she doesn't say anything." She said, "Really? She's not taking care of this?" And she grabbed my cock thru my swim shorts. I said, "Not nearly as much as I'd like.

She kept her hand there. I said, "Once a month at best." I was getting hard. She said, "If I had a man buff like you with a good job like yours, I'd keep this thing fed. Damn. How big is it?" I said, "You sure this is ok?" She said, "You don't like it?" I said, "Can't help but like it." She said, "So we could go in the room and have some fun." I said, "If your mom came in shed flip." She said, "Hang on a sec."

She jumped out of the pool and grabbed her phone and sent a text. Like 30 secs later she got a response. Then she said, "I just asked if she wanted dinner. She told me to grab a sandwich cause she won't be back for a while. So we're good."

So Cassie and I went to the room. She took off her bikini right in front of me. I hadn't seen how amazing her body had become. Perfect c cup breasts. Round ass. Apparently she trims her pussy. Keeps a bit above but shaves below.

She sat on the bed and asked me to come to her. She dropped my swim shorts and started to suck my cock. She stopped sucking and started stroking and said, "I didn't think this would ever happen." I said, "You wanted to have sex with me?" She said, "Since I was 15. I walked back to ask mom a question and you two were having sex. I stood there at the door for a while and played with myself watching. Pictured that it was me on my hands and knees with your cock inside me."

She pushed me down onto the bed and got on top. She put my cock inside her and started riding. Her tight pussy had a grip on my cock. She played with her clit as she rode me. We had only been at it 10 minutes when she had an orgasm. She said, "I want you to cum inside me." I said, "Is that safe?" She said, "Yeah. On the pill." I said, "You have a really nice....everything." She kissed me and said, "Why thanks Daddy." She never calls me that. She said, "How do you want me?" I said, "Doggy style. Turn a bit so I can see in the mirror."

Perfect position. Didn't take long at all. I could see her ass shake each time I thrust. And in the mirror her tits bouncing. Didn't take much for me to cum. Maybe 5 minutes. She begged me to keep fucking even though I was cumming because she was close to cumming again.

Afterwards we both cleaned up. Cassie sat outside the room with a drink. I was inside. Sandra came back and sat down with Cassie. She said, "So, you find a guy to sit on?" Cassie said, "Maybe." Sandra said, "That's my girl. I did too." Cassie said, "You and Mike hook up?" Sandra said, "Nah. Wasn't ur dad." Cassie said, "Mom?!?" Sandra said, "What? He hit on me. He was hot and he has a big dick. Besides, Mike doesn't care." Cassie said, "You've done it before?" Sandra said, "Yeah. He's not the jealous type. It's why I married him."

Guess she didn't know I was still in the room

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