A gentleman

Hi everyone first I am a transgender and I have wanting to meet me a real man who wanted to take his time and enjoy me.well it finally happened I met him at my local Wal-Mart he was watching me how do I know he told me he was he came up to me and started talking to and ask me out and I said yes so we did we went out about10 times but last weekend was the greatest weekend I have had in a very long time we went to dinner in Orlando then we walk around and talk and he turned me around to face and he kissed me ask if he could make love to me and I said yes please so we kissed again and walk back to his car and got in and as he driving he reach over and started to rub my leg that big hand on my leg omg I get very horny we got his place and went inside and he told to wate rite here so I did and in about a couple of minutes he came back and pick and took in his bedroom and on the bed were red white and yellow rose peddles and candles it was so romantic so he ask to take off my dress so I did he to off his clothes puck me up and laid me in the middle of the rose peddles then laid down beside me we kissed. And I started to play with his cock and balls he got and long and when I see thought omg how do I get this in my to suck it he was very and a huge head on that cock and every bit of 11 inches I did my best for suck his cock and balls and he pulled up and rolled me on my back grabbed my legs pulled them up and so gently put his cock inside it felt so big he was half way inside me and I started to have a orgasm but he work it so gently inside he got all his cock in me than work it back forth until he was taking full strokes omg he felt so go in me I love it we did every position we could think of and when he was getting ready to cum he where I would like it I said deep inside me and when started to he grab my hips and pulled me back tired I him I felt the hot cum inside and I had a orgasm to he was so gentle making love to me after a couple of hours of that we fell asleep in each others arms he is treating like a queen this man is a gentle giant we are dating now he is so great thanks for reading looking forward to comments Cassie

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  • Congratulations on finding such a well hung, romantic gentleman. Enjoy.

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