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Our family had relatives visiting so my brother and I ended up sleeping together. I was perhaps 10 and he was 12. I don't know exactly how it happened but at one point I ended up with his penis in my hand.
I then began to move my hand and jack him off. He unloaded onto the sheets and I remember thinking about mom washing those sheets and seeing it.
I don't think I was old enough to be playing with myself as yet & don't know what made me do it.
We never talked about it ever and never did anything again.
Now that about 50 years have elapsed, I would like do this again with someone else.

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  • I remember doing the same with my younger sis Amanda, I put her hand on my dick and made her jerk me off, sort of a similar story here. I busted all over the couch, went back to my room. I wanna fuck her so bad to this day.

  • At 10 I already masturbated each day. My grandpa showed me how to do it.

  • The gender of the OP is immaterial. The fact that 50 years have elapsed since he or she has jerked a cock to completion should be the thing that's of particular note, and I, for one, hope they rectify that, and soon !

  • What if the writer is female? The post doesn't say what gender they may be. Hmm, have to use our imagination I guess.

  • No please don't go playing with other guys, it is so very disgusting, dirty and horrible, you could also catch some real nasties, it could also lead to you sucking guys off and eventually having them fuck you up the arse how gross

  • Homosexuality is disgusting and should be made illegal again.

  • Quit trying to impose your twisted morality on other people. You have no damn right to tell consenting adults what they can and can't do in their own bedroom. Your oppressive, backward attitude and self-righteous belief that you can dictate other people's bedroom behavior is far more disgusting than any consensual sex act.

  • Homosexuality is beautiful and has provided me with the handsomest men and best orgasms of my life.

  • Pedophiles think that sex with children is beautiful. That certainly does not make it okay. just because getting fucked up your shitty ass seems beautiful to you, does not somehow make it okay to the rest of us normal people. You have a mental illness that makes you think it's okay. It is a sick, disgusting behavior that should be illegal, just like peophilia and beastiality and rape.

  • Anyone who would equate homosexuality with either pedophilia or bestiality is a disgusting idiot. One is consensual. The other two are not. Get over yourself.

  • My ass is not shitty, l am always considerate enough to have an enema first. It sounds like you need one.

  • Offensive.

  • OH Your God..... GET A Life. You who gets his or her rocks off by spending their days on the internet reading stories that excite them. Like your preachers who spend the day being holy and the nights abusing the congregations' children.
    The person here was 10 years old and the beneficiary was 12. No one took it up a shitty ass. No one was crying at the end. These were children exploring.... like touching a hot stove.
    Maybe the parents didn't raise them from birth telling them to not touch their penis.

  • How would you know what is normal? I personally don't agree with pedophillia or beastiality at all and i'm glad its illegal. I have no problem with homosexuality and i have family and friends who are gay. I also have no issues with incest as long as its between adults and birth contol is used. I've had sex with my sister several times and we are successful and "normal" people.

  • You had sex with your sister? What, you can't find a normal woman to have sex with you sick bastard. It's NOT normal to have sex with your own sister. Fucking people are sick.

  • Yes i've had sex with my sister in the past and we used birth control. I've also slept with other people. I now have a loving wife and my sister is married too. I don't have sex with my sister anymore because i don't agree with cheating. I don't regret what happened between us and i know she doesn't either. Whats the problem??

  • Because she's your SISTER you sick fuck.

  • Yes and......... It hasn't caused any problems and no pregnancy. So again what is the problem?? Do you really think we are the only brother and sister to of had sex? Do you realize that certain types of incest are legal in Europe?

  • You're a sick fuck. And stop liking your own post. It's totally obvious and it makes you look like a fucking idiot. Not that you aren't anyway, incest bastard.

  • I don't understand why you are upset about my past? You haven't put up any argument against incest. All you have done is thrown insults towards me. Is it due to a lack of education? So, what is it thats so wrong about me having sex with my sister using birth control? Look forward to your answer.

  • Why yes they are fucking people..... and so are you I assume. Never heard of brotherly and sisterly LOVE?

  • Exactly, there is nothing wrong at all with a brother and sister having a sexual relationship.

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