When my wife leaves for work...

I work out of a home office.

Unbeknownst to my wife, I am also a nudist.

When she leaves for work in the morning, I strip out of my t-shirt and boxer shorts that I use for my sleep clothes and spend the rest of my day completely naked.

Sometimes I'll rummage through the hamper and find a pair of my wife's panties to use as a jerk-off rag.

I sit out on our secluded patio in the nude.

I watch pornographic videos on my cell phone while sitting at our kitchen table, shooting ropes of cum all over the floor.

I do some of my best work in the nude.

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  • When my wife leaves for work and if I happen to be working from home that day, I’ll take out the panties I stole from my sexy, hot next door neighbor. Black with her discharge all over the crotch and so nice and stinky! I’ll watch nasty porn, sniff them and edge myself so when she comes home from work I pull her pants down, eat her hairy cunt until she comes in my mouth and fuck the daylights out of her until I shoot my super huge load inside her. I love “working from home”!

  • I work from home, and am naked fairly often. Will take or get ready for my shower, sit and check email, and start working, naked. Do conference calls, talk to people on the phone, and nobody knows I'm sitting here not wearing a hint of clothing. Have been on more than one boring conference call when felt the need to rub one out while someone yaps away..

  • Your work is jerking off? If not how on earth can you be productive jacking it all the time?

  • I manage to get things done.

  • Why wack off into your wifes dirty panties, when you can fuck her pussy? Me no understand.

  • Hmmm...let's see. The last time I fucked my wife's pussy was when I knocked her up with our third kid. He's 24 years old now. Does that answer your question "me no understand?"

  • You should've explained in your post that you're an old sad fuck who's not getting any and has to use the candy wrapper instead of eating any candy.

  • Sometimes the wife just doesn’t want to do it. They also are so so soft when I rub the head of my dick

  • I used to steal panties off of clothes lines etc. and my girlfriend found my stash. some were worn dirty panties I stole from my neighbours hamper. I told her what I did with them. She was ok with it as long as she got to wear them to cream them up for me. She scented 8 pairs for me before we broke up.

  • There is no way my wife would not notice the cum in her panties when she was doing the washing. Yours may also see this.
    As for mine, She seems to monitor everything. I have handled her used panties several times until I noticed signs that she was laying things on top of them in the laundry basket in particular ways to see if anything got disturbed.
    Other monitoring tricks about other items not in the laundry I have also noticed. I have had to stop picking up various items of hers.
    It just pushes me to do other things instead..... like reading sexual stories and writing to you! Enjoy.

  • Yeah, as the post below mentioned, why won't your wife let you enjoy her used panties?

  • I like to wear panties around the house, I feel sexy. The wife knows I have a panty obsession and is OK with it

    She even on my birthday and Christmas buys them for me
    I wear panties everyday but don’t cum on mine, I use hers

    When I’m horny and we can’t find time or she just doesn’t want to she leaves out a pair
    The other day she was on her way out with a friend and told me there was something in the bedroom for me
    Left out was a soft purple high waisted pair of panties

    I jerked off on them

    She got home and found the wet panties and said she was happy I got off

    You need to tell your wife you like to kiss and smell the gusset of her panties
    You’re not weird, guys are guys
    Can’t you tell her your feelings and be honest ?

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