Business trip 6/24

Guy number two showed up around 8 tonight and he was very hesitant to come into the room, he found it hard to believe that I just wanted to give him a blow job. He finally came in and I told him to make himself comfortable, he wanted to look in the bathroom first to make sure there was no one else in the room.
Once he finally settled down and relaxed a little bit he sat on the couch then asked me how I wanted him, I decided to ask him how he wanted it done since he seemed pretty nervous compared to the email message reading "I am a laid back guy just looking to get sucked".
He told me that he has always wanted to be blown standing up so I told him no problem and kneeled down on the floor, he dropped his shorts and underwear then stepped out of them. I slid forward a few knee steps and figured he would relax even more when he felt me sucking his cock. He looked amazed as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out lifting up the head of his cock and started sliding it inside my mouth. I took him all the way down to his pubic hair then began swallowing over and over as I pulled it back out his mouth was dropped open. I did this several times as he hardened up with his gasps getting bigger and bigger as I repeatedly swallowed him.
I licked his shaft up and down then went under it to lick his balls taking each one into my mouth and sucking on them before heading back up to the head. I kept up this routine for quite some time then just focused on sucking him hard and fast until I heard him moaning and felt some contractions. His knees started bending and kept up the pressure on his head sucking it hard and fast as he moaned out filling my mouth with cum. Sucking sounds filled the room along with his moaning and he ended it with "WOW, you really know how to suck a cock!!"
I swallowed him a few more times and he bent over pulling away from my mouth telling me that his cock was way to sensitive now, I told him no problem and stood up to get some water. He sat down on the couch and told me again how amazing that felt, I asked him after another minute or so if he was ready for more as he told me in the email he was hoping for someone who could go the distance and give him two orgasms.
He told me he was not sure he could do it because his cock was still tingling from the first one, he thanked me again and told me that it was definitely one of the best blow jobs he ever had and asked if he could come back again since I was here until Friday.
I told him sure only because he has a great cock with a nice big head on it but I am not so sure he will be back again.

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  • Love it, there are a great many of us who need that.

  • Nice, thanks for what you do!!

  • Nice job of you )

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