Mom picked me up after stealing at the store

Me and my friend in jr.high did not have any money. so we would steal to get what we want. we got caught by my neighbor who worked there. she called our moms about it. she drove us to my house where our moms were waiting for us. we were told not to wear mini dresses, but we were in our knee high boots, black pantyhose and peace sign neck chains. they threw us over the back of the couch and began pulling off our boots. we tried to get away, but they grab the back zipper of our dress and unzipped it fast ,then ripped the dress apart. having your butt high on the back of the couch, our mothers began to spank the shit out of us, i tried to get away, but she grabbed the back of my bra and broke the front clap that held my bra together. next they grabbed the waistbands of our panties and hose and pulled them off. suddenly our moms had a bad sound coming from behind us. omg it was hair clippers at the back of my neck and quickly push to the top of my head. we both looked at each other , frozen stiff as they kept pushing those clipper over our entire head. all our waist long hair was gone . then they made us clean up the mess they made. we both had body chills feeling our bald head. we both were crying, and got sent to the shower to wash off our makeup. not a good night

2 months ago

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    • Just me & mom.
      I was 11 when i was caught stealing these pretty tights with a heart pattern. Not only did my mom give me the money to buy them, but she also helped me pick out a complete outfit. She kept embarrassing me at the store making comments such as, If my sissy son wants to wear tights, then he's going to be a complete sissy."
      She had my ears pierced, bought me makeup and a heartshaped pendant.
      I got buggered by the boys at school, & mom charged men to fuck me.
      I hated it at first, but the money ended up being good when i moved out so i could keep what i made.

    • You had me up to your moms shaving your hair. I got shoplifting panties as a teenage boy. Mom picked me up. Made me stand in line to pay for them all while talking about them. When we got home, she sent me to put on a pair and then gave me a dress. I wore girl clothes for the weekend.

    • You loved it

    • So did you enter a new punk phase with your shaved head and start a band?

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