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So we spent the week in Florida for Thanksgiving. My wife's family lives near the beach. Well about a mile from the beach. Wife and I got a hotel room on the beach. Her brother came up and swam in the hotel pool. I say brother but he's not her brother. Just a guy thats been a friend of the family since my wife and he was 2.

So the wife and I were smoking. Its sunny and warm. Mark is swimming. Beers on the table we were sitting at. Mark comes shooting out of the pool and his swim trunks damn near come off. Mandy sees it and says, "Holy shit mark! You have a huge dick!" He says, "Don't like it? Don't look at it!" She says, "That's why I AM looking at it." I say, "Honey!?" She says, "What? He DOES have a nice cock." Mark thinks all this is just fucking around. He walks up and puts his crotch in her face and says, "You want it? Huh? Want some of this?" She turns her head and mouths his cock through the swim trunks.

Mark says, "Mandy!?" She says, "Come on. Let's go." He says, "Go where?" She says, "To the room." He says, "For what?" She said, "You're gonna fuck me."

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