Sisters friend

My sister and I have always been close. We hang out together and even go to parties together. I'm not going to lie, we have even been to sex parties together, we just make it clear that we are NOT into incest and any sex acts between me and her are not allowed, especially when we are playing truth or dare.

My sister has this friend named Lidia who is super hot. We went to school with her and she was actually in my class, but ended up being friends with my sister. Lidia has big tits and always has had big tits. She was one of the first girls in our class to develop when we were younger and I've noticed her tits ever since. Lidia also has a nice ass, but not as nice as her tits. She's got this killer smile that just makes me melt.

So I ask my sister to bring Lidia to the next sex party we go to, but Lidia declined saying she wasn't into that sort of thing. I was bummed until I showed up at my sister's house one day and they are both in the back yard sun tanning. Lidia had on a skimpy bikini that just barely covered her tits. They were big and beautiful and I almost lost a nut right there. I can't lie, I went home and pulled my chicken thinking about her. Anyway, my sister asked me if I wanted her to set me up with her. I at the time was trying to get involved with this other girl I knew and had been asking her out for several weeks. She had finally agreed to go out with me, so I didn't want to screw that up. I told my sister no I didn't want to be setup with Lidia. A few days later my sister asked me again if I wanted to go out with Lidia. Again I told her no. I never did go out with Lidia, but I still look at her tits to this day and think maybe I should have just taken a chance and fucked her. It's possible my future wife would have never found out about me fucking Lidia.

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  • Lame stupid story

  • Never turn down a fuck

  • Bullshit, it cost me a large 6 figures when I didn't turn a fuck down and my wife found out. Now ex wife. I'm also estranged from all that money.

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