Business trip, June 23 2019

I am currently on a business trip, I arrived at the hotel already set up to host a guy for a massage and happy ending. I he showed up and was dressed like he said he would be, loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt. His fantasy was to have a massage turn erotic, he wanted light cock grazing while I gave him a massage. He told me he would remain passive and I if I put my cock in his hand or rubbed it on him he would really love it.
He had no idea I actually know how to massage someone, I started on his back and shoulders then moved down to his legs. He was moaning out and telling me how good it felt and I had not even touched his cock yet. He kept telling me this as I ran my hands up into the legs of his shorts lightly grazing his balls. Several minutes later I could see his hard cock inching down parting his balls, I lightly touched the head repeatedly as he moved around trying to get it more exposed.
I reached up and pulled off the loose shorts and rubbed his thighs more getting him harder then went back to his shoulders for a few minutes. I told him to rollover then started at his feet again and rubbed him down again all the way to his chest. I rubbed the areas surrounding his cock and balls just barely touching them and I saw some clear precum dripping down his head. I took a finger and rubbed the bottom of his cock head and he really began moaning then telling me I was really great at this and he was loving every bit of it.
I dipped my fingers back in the oil and lubed his cock from top to bottom light running my fingers all over it, he was hard as a rock moving his hips around and I could feel him tightening his muscles and twitching his cock. I got him good and hard, stroked him a few good times then let it fall down onto his torso and went back to rubbing his legs. He was breathing hard and moaning as I watched it go limp again with more precum dripping out of it. I had told him in one of the messages that he would have a puddle of it on his torso from during my massage and I did not let him down.
I began slowly rubbing his shaft again working my way up to the head then I held the shaft firmly and traced a finger around his cock head listening to him moan as more precum oozed out. He again told me that I was really great at this and his cock was tingling all over. His cock was probably about five inches long and as I slowly stroked it watching his legs tighten up with every one I decided that forty five minutes of teasing him was probably enough so I drizzled quite a bit of oil on his cock and gripped it hard.
I started twisting his head like I was removing a bottle cap and his legs straightened right out, I pulled is skin downward stretching the head out then gripped it twisting it over and over popping it out of my fingers. He really began moaning and I could see his legs tensing up so I started stroking him hard and fast. He began ejaculating and moaning out louder now as my hand worked over his cock, his cum shooting a few inches out then sliding down my hands.
He told me that his wife has never given him a hand job that great in twenty eight years of sex. He had told me in previous messages that he did not want me to suck on him out of fear of catching something, after he told me my hand technique was amazing I told him if he wanted me to I would suck him tomorrow after work. He looked at me as I was still slowly stroking his cock and told me that he would be willing to let me do it.
So I should have another story tomorrow one way or another because I have another guy lined up for Monday as well who wants a blow job.

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  • Score! I love giving head to sexually frustrated married men as well, l now have about ten l suck off on a regular basis.

    Please share the rest of your trip adventures.

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