Fantasy of my husband cheating

I often fantasize about being sent a video or photos of my husband being with another girl.
Part of me wants to have a 3some but I don’t feel I’d be able to be apart of it and see him with another woman while I’m there. However, the idea of him sneaking around on me or me seeing secret footage of him with another woman or man really turns me on. But I’m also struggling inside to tell him about it.
What should I do? Am I a freak or weirdo for having these thoughts?

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  • Tell him about it and I promise you he will will jump at the chance. Remember, if you are involved, you can control what goes on, you know, the who fucks who with video or not, all of it.

  • You should absolutely tell him! Most men would LOVE to hear that from their wife, whether they choose to act upon it or not!
    My wife has shared me with other women more times than I could ever count. We've even had other women move in with us. Sometimes my wife would be involved as well and other times not.
    One girl in particular was part of the best chapter in my personal sexual history of my life. She lived with us and slept in our bed for over a year. My wife wasn't directly involved with her, but at least once a week we would have a threesome. There's nothing like fucking another woman and then feeling your wife caress your balls from, encouraging you to cum inside her!
    The other girl and I had sex constantly, and any time my wife and I had sex the other girl would want to fuck me immediately afterward. I'd still have my wife and my combined sex juices on my cock, and this girl would go straight for it, suck me clean, and keep sucking until I was hard so I could fuck her too. You think I'm kidding or making this up. I'm not.
    One experience that made for a wonderful memory was a night when my wife was asleep and my girlfriend and I started fooling around. We were being quiet but still fucking like teenagers, when all of a sudden from behind me I heard my wife cumming really loudly. It turned out that she was awake, and masturbating while watching us! So hot!
    That was probably the most "submissive" experience with my wife watching me with another woman. My wife is very confident in her place. She knows I'm not going anywhere, whether she chooses to share me or not, and no other woman is a threat to her.
    By the way, what you're wondering about is not an uncommon fantasy at all. Look up "cuckquean" or "cuckqueaning". You'll see that there are a lot of women who share your interest.

  • You're not a weird person. I believe that alot of folks, men and women, have had a fantasies about their spouse fucking someone else in front of them.
    As for me. Our sex life between my wife and I had become lame. We were maybe only have sex once every other month.
    Until I caught her cheating on me. Then everything changed, just the thought of another mans cock, and cum in my wife's pussy, drove my wild. I didn't make her stop, infact I encouraged her to continue having sex with other men. Then come rushing home to me and have me eat her cum filled pussy out, and fuck the sloppy seconds. We now have sex three to four time a week if not more

  • I do not think women usually want their husbands cheating on them, although one of my friends did want hers doing it so she could divorce him. I do not consider it cheating though if you are part of it like you mentioned doing a threesome or even just watching him with another woman.
    My husband did the craziest thing on my fortieth birthday, I had no clue about the strippers, two guys and hung like flippin' horses. He had arranged it all, kids gone for the weekend, a great early dinner then like twenty minutes after we got home the doorbell rings and in walks these two muscle bound guys wearing shiny clothes. I was sitting there thinking what in the hell did my husband just let in the door.
    I had such a great time and I felt like I could not even walk the next day so I did the same thing for his birthday a few years ago but with female strippers.

  • Tell him if you want it to happen, but only if you are really prepared for it to happen.

    You are not a weirdo, it is just the psychology of wanting something because other people want it as well, and the pleasure of having something other people want to possess. It gives it value.

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