My step sister started it

I was in bed one morning during summer break and as I was waking up it felt as though my penis was being touched. When I was awake enough to realize that it was being touched I opened my eyes to see my step sister sitting on my bed next to me. She had pulled the covers aside and my penis was sticking straight out of the front of my pajamas.
I know I blinked a few times just staring down at her hands slowly caressing me, I was hard as ever which was not unusual in the morning but this was amazing to wake up and see. She looked right at me and smiled then told me that she just had to see what a real cock looked and felt like, she figured I would not mind.
She kept playing with me and I just laid there and did not say anything to her except a few moans now and then. She finally gave me a few good squeezes and asked me if I was going to orgasm soon. I told her to keep doing what she was doing and would be soon.
She kept up the slow stroking and I felt it welling up at the base and told her that I was going cum. My first shot went straight up in the air and she let out a laugh followed by more stroking and the look on her face told me she was quite delighted by it all. I was pulsating like crazy as she stroked me then after four or five good spurts she asked me if that was all.
She told me that she had a great time doing that to me and asked if I minded her coming into my room in the mornings and playing with me. I told her she could play with it anytime she wanted.
She did this every morning for the rest of the week and on Monday morning I was awakened with her sucking on me, she was slowly raising her head up and down then twisting her head around making her lips and tongue twist around my cock head. I let out a long moan and told her that it felt absolutely awesome, she laughed a little bit and told me she looked up how men love their cock sucked and read about this technique. I asked her why she all of sudden became interested in playing with my cock and she told me that she completely trusted me.
I let her do what ever she wanted and never asked her for anything then one morning shortly after sucking on me until I came she asked me why I had not tried to do anything with her. I told her something like I was just letting her do what she wanted with me and not pressure her into anything. She smiled at me and lifted her shirt right up over her head and off, I looked at her awesome boobs settling back down and they were amazing looking. Her nipples are a little puffy with thick pink nipples that get about a half inch erect when stimulated. I was so turned on by just her boobs that I could have played with just them for an hour and I think I did because she finally told me that they were way to sensitive for me to keep playing.
She stood up and stripped off her bottoms and I had to take a deep breath when I saw her blonde pubic hair, it was so thin I could see her lips then she rain her fingers across and asked me if I thought it was to short. Hers was only the second pussy I had seen in my life so I of course answered her with it looked awesome.
I asked her if I could pleasure her and within minutes my tongue was parting her lips and I was tasting heaven, god she was always so sweet tasting and wet, she would leave a big wet spot after going down on her. I would pull the sheets off my bed and wash them because if her mom found out what we were doing I am pretty sure she would have killed me, slowly, with a dull knife.
She told me that I was the first to ever go down on her and I confessed to her that she was number two for me, she then asked me who I had been with before and I told her she did not know her because I met her in college. We did everything but intercourse over the next several weeks and most of the time it was her coming to me to play. She was a pretty horny woman back then and probably still is today based on the brood they have, I know her body is still really hot so it is definitely not a turn off.
We were talking last year at one of the holiday parties and she leaned in after probably fifteen minutes of talking and people had come and gone, she leaned in and told me she loved the two summers we had and often thinks back to just how much fun it was exploring each other.

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