What is on your sexual "bucket list"?

What is on your sexual "bucket list"? That is, what haven't you done that you would like to do?

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  • My bucket list was written more than 30 years ago. My wife grew up when not much extra was done other than missionary position at least in her mind. As much as I tried I could never get her to be the least bit wild. So first I would have like to go with her to a topless beach or even nude beach so that I could watch guys admiring the beautiful woman that I have. Second I would have wished that I had a bigger dick, us Irish guys are not known for big packages but that never stopped me from making sure my wife had several orgasms before I get inside her and finish myself off with her having one last O. Third I am a voyeur still at my age and would have loved it if my wife would show more, even if she knew that I was watching her, she could play along with my fantasy and pretend that she did not know that I was looking. It always got me so turned on, I am sure she would have been satisfied even more. It’s too late for me but you young married guys need to do everything you can to make your wife feel like a million bucks when she walks by you in the kitchen or whatever room she may be in. Also if you are taking videos or pics of her, weather she knows you are or not, find file to store them so when you both are old and sex is not as important as it might be now, you will still have the love of your life in pictures. Maybe something that you can masturbate over if you are still able to by then. Good luck!!!

  • I did mine, a former nun, 40 years ago. She'd scold me like the nuns I had in school. They must have a book on it. She was pretty in a real saintly way, wore almost nun like attire. Fun watching her strip to the Stripper. You'd think her tits wern't that big till she got those knockers out. Checked that box 50x.
    Want my wife to get her's, a stranger on vacation. I blocked her chance twice, I chickened out.

  • I want to go on one of those nude sex cruise ships. Everyone I know talks shit about them saying they are disgusting, even my husband has asked why anyone would go on them. I secretly read stories and Google search them. I think it would be so fun to walk around a cruise ship naked and have sex with whomever you want to. Maybe someday I'll go by myself and lie to everyone about where I'm going.

  • We went to a island resort where the beach and pool were nude if you wanted to be. About half were, we were sometime. Wife really had to watch here lily white tits. I helped her with the suntan lotion. But most everywhere else was clothed. Eating naked in public just seems all wrong. Wife loved walking this outdoor mall topless, like one of the guys, many others did too. It made going to the mall a fun thing. It never got old.

  • Did you enjoy all the guys seeing your wife's naked tits and beaver?

  • If we were married, we'd go on one of those cruises, strip naked upon boarding and go our separate ways for the day. Then, we'd reconvene for dinner, naked-of course, and tell each other of our escapades for the day.

  • Do it again with girlfrind of 50 years ago. Athletic she could clamp her pussy around my cock. She'd do that 500 times while cock in her not moving, massaging my cock. Nice girl, just didn't work out. See if she still does that trick. And she loved doing it. The more she did it the better she got.

  • I married my wife who is severely years older than me, 16 to be exact. Her daughter lived out of state and I had not met her until she moved back home. She had gotten a divorce and lost her job. When my wife and I went to pick her up at the Airport I couldn't believe my eyes. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. We hit it off right away, staying up late talking, playing video games, going shopping, and we even went to the movies together one night when my wife decided she didn't feel good at the last second. We got drunked up pretty good one night and my wife passed out on the couch. Her daughter and I went to the den and we ended up having sex. I want to divorce my wife and marry her daughter but she says that would destroy her relationship with her mother. So for now we have just been sneaking around having sex.

  • I want my wife to cheat on me with a total stranger, then rush home, strip naked, straddle my face, and make me like her cum filled pussy clean.

  • To have sex with my 18 year old stepdaughter. I've spied on her naked in the bathroom several times. She has a smoking hot body, and is always running around the house in just her bra and panties. Between her and my wife, I walk around sporting a hard on 24/7.

  • Mine has been taking ambien sleeping pills for years, half the time she doesn’t remember what happened, waking up not knowing the day, when to get ready for work, and not even remembering the parties she’s been too or had here at the house. One night I was putting clothes away in her room, the light was off and only the hallway light was on, she was in bed panties and a shirt, I started to caress her body, when I built up the courage to remove her panties and finger her it was amazing, she started to wake up, and asked me to close the door, I did and returned to the bed where we made out, she sucked me off, I ate her out and we fucked each other silly. The next morning nothing!!!! I asked how was her night, she just said fine. Everything was normal as if it never happened. The next night I went back in the room, kissed her on the cheek, and we fucked again, I asked afterwards if we’re continuing this secret get together, and no response. The next night same thing, I went back in the room, and this time she called me by her bfs name. I’ve been fucking this 24 year old for over a year now and it’s been great, she doesn’t remember anything she even unlocks her phone for me

  • My girlfriend is great. She knows my fantasy though she does her best, it doesn't happened anymore. I want to fuck her so hard that she bleeds. See I'm very very well hung. It's about 12 inches hard. My girlfriend in no way can take all of me. I fucked her once and I was a little aggressive. I literally made her bleed from thrashing her pussy. She was very horny and even though it hurt, she wanted me to do it. Unfortunately I liked it too much and fucked her so hard she needed stitches to fix the damage to her pussy. She was so torn up that the police were called in because they thought I raped her. They questioned her for hours thinking she was just too scared. She finally convinced them that she hadn't been raped and they let us go. I would love to fuck her like that again but I don't think she could handle the recovery again. We also don't want a repeat with the law.

  • Mine sexual bucket list is to share a woman with other guys. I missed out on a girl pulling a train when I was 17. Got to the party bridge just a bit late with my friends. We missed out on what the other guys had. The closest I ever came to that. Was when I worked the night shift. My ex wife was fucking some guy. I would come home at midnight. The car was still ticking cooling down. She wanted me to fuck her. She had cum in her, I was fucking sweet cheeks at work. Life was good in my early 20's

  • I work in a high rise (26 floors up) and we have a conference room with large windows that gives a great view of the city. I'd like to fuck some of my hot coworkers up there.

  • I would have a group of men (6 or more) stand over my naked body, stroke their cocks and cum all over me.

  • I know a lot of guys say this but I want to watch my wife fuck another guy in front of me. I know this is silly, but everytime I see a shooting star or I get a wish, I always wish to watch my wife fuck another guy. It never happens though.

  • Before i started dating my wife a gang of shared a beach rental. Preteding to be asleep i watch my wife, several times, have sex with her boyfriend. Even watched a couple blow jobs. I'd like to watch her do another bj, maybe tape it. It would have to a nice stranger we would never see again. She's game but no taping and no fucking her.

  • I would leap at the chance to take Jennifer Anniston on a date, but that is more like a fantasy bucket list item.

  • I've done just about everything however, I'd like to see my wife gang banged by hung black males

  • I'd love to have my husband sat fully clothed on the sofa, while my father in law is sat right next to him with his jeans down to his ankles, I'm completely naked bouncing up and down on my father in laws dick. My husband is just tweaking my nipple and stroking my back. Then as my father In law is coming deep into my womb, we are kissing and he's holding me tight down onto him.

  • That’s hot. You deserve to be DP by your hubby and his dad. Maybe even double vaginal. Do you get wet thinking of it?

  • I'm not sure, I think it's the idea of my husband has to watch and assist is more hot

  • I am a woman and 32 years old and I know this is going to sound really weird but I want to be a turned into a dinner platter. I would love to be laid out on a table then have the food put on my naked body and people would eat it off of me. What I envision is some kind of plastic edging holding the food courses up on top of my body from my toes to my shoulders, my breasts could have bowl like plastic edging sealed down to my skin to hold like dipping sauces, or a fruit salad kind of thing. I have no idea how this could happen but I have dreamed about it for years and have done small scale things with my husband like turning my breasts into a dessert and I also filled my vagina with pudding one time for him to lick and scoop out. I think he was more turned on with washing it out later.
    Anyways, that is my crazy bucket list item.

  • I covered my girlfriend with different things. Whipped cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, butterscotch, candy sprinkles, pretty much any icecream topping they make. We would cover the bed with plastic and then I would cover her naked body like an icecream sundae, then go to town licking her clean. I normally put whipped cream on her pussy with a cherry for last. I would eat her pussy until she begged me to fuck her. Oh, good times.

  • I love that very much and always wanted my gf to serve me with her body that way.

  • My sister has three daughters. I want to fuck and impregnate all three.

  • Can I watch?

  • I would like to let a football team tag team spit roast me. So me on my hands and knees, one in my mouth one in my pussy, every time one footballer cums he tags in a team mate, and they keep going till the whole squad has cum in either my pussy or mouth.

  • I'd like to hook up with some of my old guy friends at a high school reunion and pull a train.

  • To be tied up and forced to suck a guy. I’m straight and never have done anything like that before.

  • Same.. I would love that

  • I’m a married man that would like to see my wife fucked in the ass while I eat her pussy out. I would fondle the guys balls at the same time . Before he cums I want him to take it out of my wife so I can finish him off . Having the taste of cum and my wife’s ass at the same time

  • I want to have two men over power me and just use me for pleasure until they are satisfied, I have no idea why I want this but I fantasize about it often.

  • I'd like to 69 an asian ladyboy.

  • I would love to shag my sister at least once.

  • Been doing that for years...Shared her, too. If I had anything on my bucket list that pertained to her, sexually, I'd say...Two on one her with her young neighbor, who has a major thing for her..Obsessed, really. I'd like to double-team her with him. Think she'd love it.

  • My sister and I played around a lot in out teens, just oral and plenty of exploring with our hands. When she was in her early 30's she ended up divorced and several months afterwards I got a call one evening and she asked what I was doing. I probably told her not much and she came back with how would you like to come over and have sex again. I got over to her place and she was ready to do it, no discussion, no hi how are you, we just went right to it with me stripping her down and pleasuring her.
    She is still hot and for some reason prefers having me over rather than go thru the whole boyfriend deal and dating.

  • Well why not? It's the best of both worlds, family AND fucking.

  • My Sexual Bucket List: Is To Be Engulfed, Seduced, digested And Absorbed Inside My Mommies Heavenly Soft Womb Composed Of Baby Pink Fleece, As My Mommy Screams With Ecstasy, Desire, And Control! Wow; A Birth In Reverse! Babied.

  • I want to fuck a hot she male with a nice ass. I want to suck his cock and lick his asshole. Then I want him to fuck my asshole.

  • There is a very attractive guy at my gym and it’s very obvious he is “big”. I have his attention, just want him to hurry up and take me.

  • Sucking two or more cocks at once, like a blow bang. Swallowing a LOT of cum.

  • Same here, I want 4 or more though!!

  • MFM three some with my wife and her father.

  • To have sex with my husbands friend Rob....so hot!!

  • I Would Like To Be Devoured By Baby Pink Airtight Fleece, And Drift Away Forever, Within It! Babied.

  • More of a fantasy really but me and 3 hot guys all going at me, all holes. hours of nasty animalistic sex. amazing. want want want
    Sophie x

  • That’s a lot of women fantasy. Love it

  • I would like to see my wife fuck another woman with a strap on. She's far too self-conscious to ever do it, but, that's my wish.

  • I want to have sex with my boyfriend on the beach. I would not care if people looked. We are six hours away from the beach, and I hope to have a trip and to make this a reality.

  • Wife and I did that in Martinique. We were dropped off on deserted beach for a day. Did it twice in broad daylight,,,, 2 nd time for an hour. At night we did at our hotel beach, another couple doing it 50 feet away.

  • Just let us know when and where 😂

  • To have a mother & daughter experience at the same time

  • Done it! When my girlfriend was away at college I did her mom every chance I got. Miranda was 19 then and her mom was 39. She came home early one weekend and walked in on us. She was horrified. I took Miranda and pulled her clothes off and did her with her mom lying right beside us. We had many experiences together. I also did her mom and her moms secretary together. I went to her business once and the secretary asked if it was true that I was sleeping with Miranda and Lorrie together. I screwed her on the office couch that day. We never had a four way just couldn’t work it out.

  • Oh yes!!

  • How about two sisters at the same time?

  • I really want to have my wifes labia pierced in two places each side so I can put two padlocks through, have been pestering her for two years now I think I am wearing her down

  • Oh for God's sake, get a grip.

  • I'm not into swinging/swapping at all, but do have a voyeur streak. I'd love to have same-room sex with my husband and one of our friend couples, just to have fun only with our spouses and watch each other.

  • To be gangbanged by a group of guys

  • Hands down I would love to experience a threesome with my wife. We are both straight and she would never let me be with another women, so it would have to be with another guy. Just think it would be so hot to share this experience with her.

  • I want to show my wife the wooded area near our house where I like to walk around naked in the summertime (unbeknownst to her). I want to watch her walk around naked out there just like I do. Then, I want to fuck her doggy-style in a large field that's just off of these woods in full view of an interstate.

  • My wife told me twenty years ago she wanted to have a lesbian experience but was way to reserved to do it. I would love to watch her have sex with another woman.

  • I'm married and want to watch the wife with someone else. She says she doesn't ever want to try that. I also would like to try sucking on another mans cock and get fucked. I had the opportunity on a couple occasions but chickened out.

  • Your wife needs to know you want to venture out with a cock. If she is understanding she can be I great guide and feel closer to you . My wife at first couldn’t believe I would do such a thing but ended up making me comfortable with it.

  • I am a strait married man. I would really like for another strait man to take me anally. I would love to look into his eyes as he shoots his load up my ass! Not sure if I could ever actually go through with it, but it is my fantasy.

  • Great fantasy that can happen. I’m 66 and while on vacation last year had another man with the same thoughts approach me. I couldn’t believe it, I let him do it. It hurt in a good way my asshole was ripped. Would I do it again ? YES. My girlfriend that was asked what happened that night, I’m so embarrassed I can’t tell her

    Should I ?????

  • Me too would like to try it.

  • Do it. I’ve popped the cherry of many married men and they love it

  • I work with this woman who is beautiful. She is married to a man who doesn't work, never worked, while she tries to work 2 jobs. I am married and it's okay, but I would love to be with this other woman. Not just for sex, she and I have already had sex once before, but actually be with her.

  • That's not a bucket list thing. That's a take your life and fuckit thing. Remember, no matter how pretty, sexy and sweet you think she is, somebody, somewhere is having to put up with her shit !

  • I am a white man who is very attracted to black women, but I have not yet been with one and would love to find out what it would be like if I found the right lady.

  • Hey, it's all pink in the middle.

  • It’s Beautifully Pink Inside; Oh How I Want My Sweetness To Swallow Me Alive, And Make Me Beg For Birth! Babied.

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