Gf’s mom calls me in the bathroom, she in tub

I was sitting at my gf’s kitchen table one evening studying for a test in one of my college classes when I hear someone saying my name and can you come here a minutes. I look up from my book and I notice my gf and both her brother and sister are sitting in the family room watching tv.

So, I get up from the table and go to the voice calling me into the bathroom.

I open the door and walk in, holly crap, there she is, my gf’s mom sitting in a bubble bath with the bubble up around her stomach. Both of her huge breasts looking right at me with nipples at attention.. I mean they were the largest breasts I’ve ever seen in person.

She takes at least 30 seconds as she’s watching my reaction and then she says... will you please get me a towel out of the hall closet? I chuckled and turned to get the towel. When I returned with the requested towel, she says... roll it up please and put it behind my neck. So I’m standing there trying to roll a towel with my two hands and my eyes on her breasts... I fumbled it so badly that she finally says .. here let me show you.. she takes the towels rolls it neatly like a pillow and puts it behind her neck... she’s says that’ll be all thank you!

I walked back out and sat down with my book at the kitchen table and I didn’t say a word until she walked out of the bathroom... I said my god, those things are huge and she chucked and said... not like the girls huh?

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  • At 19 I made out with my girlfriend's mom Judy. We were in the cloak room at wedding, she was feeling no pain. She was 38 and hot and always eyeballing me when she could, I did the same back. After that we made out when we could. My GF Amy was 18, Judy caught us having sex -- that's went the attraction started. She got her on the pill, and encouraged to have sex in the rec room when Dad was working middle shift. She didn't want us doing in the car. Her 16 year old cousin cops caught, it's a small town - she was labeled a slut.
    Judy and I alone once and I had her top off -played with her big tits -- and fingered her. She stopped me, cried a little 'this is all wrong.'
    Amy and I split. 5 years later I see Judy at a club, she says I filled out nicely.
    I ask her out and she says I'm married - can't go on dates - take me to your apartment and get what you want. For almost a year we're Tue night FWB. Amy gets suspicious when a mutual friend see Judy at my apartment complex. She cuts it off.

  • I wish when people posted fantasies they wouldn't pretend that they are real.

  • Not sure who your referring to? But the original post is real.

  • Did it go any further between you and your girlfriend's mom?

  • Oh yeah, it went on for years, the most fun we had was masturbating together as she showered, on a Saturday morning after she sent the girls to the mall so we could play... more on that later.
    And for the non believer, you certainly don’t have to read the post, but I assure you and any other nay sayers my stories are all real..
    Those that are blessed with good looks and strong body have more fun in the early years than those that are not as equipped .. sorry about your luck, but these things happen all the time, passion, looks, timing, desire and confidence are required for this type of fun...

  • My gf's mom called me into the bathroom when she was in the tub. She asked me to take of my clothes and get in the tub with her. She got on her hands and knees and I fucked her doggy style.

  • I would have then said, "Let me suck on your nipples to see if they are different than the girls too." "Your daughter says my dick is bigger than her dads."

  • WOW who's a lucky boy then

  • Your girlfriend must be smaller than her mom tit wise. I hope you fucked your girlfriend that night and thought of her mother's big tits while you were doing her.

  • I would fuck the shit out of my girlfriend at night, with the rooms right across the hall from each other.. there is no way mom didn’t hear her moans as I’d put my hand over her mouth and ram my dick in her soaked pussy.

  • To which you replied, " Well, no, theirs are firmer than your's , and without the stretch marks, but, I'd have more fun tit-fucking you ! "

  • Exactly.

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