I'm a greedy mom

I had four sons and they all worked hard for over 20 years to build my business as time went on I gave each one one share of stock in the business in lieu of a retirement plan. As time went on they couldn't work together so I took the stock back from those that left the business. One son hasn't spoke to me in over 22 years. I've become well off financially and am very happy. I don't understand why he won't talk to me? I recently found out that the son I gave the business to had slept with the girlfriend of the son that won't talk to me. I'm old now and have put all my assets in the sons name that owns the business. I don't think I'll ever see one of my son's again. NH

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  • How would you feel if you let your not doing well brother stay with you, and he planned it that you would come home and catch him fucking your girlfriend, so you leave, and then same brother gets everything you worked for? With your mother's support?

  • So your son was sleeping with his siblings girlfriend and you punished the victim by taking his business interests. Glad you're not my mom

  • You must be a selfish bitch

  • Wtf this has nothing to do with fucking

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