How many guys out there want to see their wife have sex with another man?
I'm not talking fantasy, I'm talking truly want to watch your own wife be pleasured by another man?
And why do you want to watch another man be with your wife?
Not saying it's right or wrong, Just asking because I'm curious.

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  • At a party my FWB and I were fucking on the couch while my wife and her boyfriend were doing it on an ottoman 5 feet away. Mid way everyone said hi to each other Wife said "funny way to meet" -- i asked her for her number later-
    So I met her while she was having sex with another guy -- it was so hot and she was sucking his dick to get him up. She said he was having some performance anxiety with us being there -- it was hot to watch - wish I had a video because won't happen again.

  • I would like to see my with another woman

  • I met my wife a party that started out with about two guys to every girl. Then about four girls left just leaving my wife and another girl. The party turning into a gangbang. A dozen horny guys and two girls. I was amazed at how much cock the wife could take and she was looking for more. I knew at that minute I had to get a date with that slut she was a bitch in heat. Well I got a date and that turned into a steady thing and we married. She still is looking for cock 100% of the time and I find it a real turn on see that women fuck like a machine. Its making me hard just thinking about it.

  • I want it, but only if it's multiple guys. I want to film her getting gangbanged in a hotel room.

  • Actually I would LOVE it. Would LOVE my wife to be the company slut..spreading her legs for all of them.


  • I really, really want my wife to have sex with others. She has a couple of times and I love it. I only wish she would do it more

  • I want this too, I'd LOVE to watch my wife cumming on a big cock and being pumped full of cum. She knows this, and has recently bought an anklet, so we'll see where that leads.

  • I'd love for my wife to become a hotwife. She's 29 and very pretty, proper, and professional, but she is a total sex fiend in the sack. I'd like to see her unleash her powers on another guy while I watched. I wouldn't be worried about losing her, because I make a lot of money and she would never leave for that reason. I've mentioned this to her to test the waters, but she brushes me off and says it's crazy. She will never do it.

  • Would live to watch my wife with someone else. Would like to see if another man would open her inhibitions.

  • I ABSOLUTELY would LOVE to see my wife getting fucked by another man!!!

    Or by a group of men, for that matter. I have no desire to participate. I just want to sit back and relax, watching other men make her cum, stroking myself until I explode all over the floor in front of me.

    WHY? Because my wife is a FUCKING PRICE TEASE who doesn't think twice about showing off her SMOKING HOT LONG LEGS AND ASS while out and about in her cut-offs and mini-skirts.

    Yeah, I see the way other guys ogle her. I know what they're thinking about. And it makes me hard.

    And maybe it's because she doesn't put out for me anymore. Hasn't put out for me in YEARS. Which is why I think she'll put out for somebody else.

    And maybe she already is.

    God, I wish she is.

  • Ask her? Why hasn't she put out in years?

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