Rest area games

The rest area had one car in it when I pulled in. I parked across the parking lot from it. When I came out of the bathroom the car had moved and parked next to me. As I walked up to my car the guy next to me turned his interior light on. I looked in his car and I saw that he had his dick out and was stroking it.
I got into my car and started my transformation. I was already wearing my panties, my garter belt and stockings. I removed my pants and shirt, put on my bra and dress. I inserted my “C” cup breast into the bra. I put my wig on and turned my interior light on to apply my makeup.
I kept checking to see if the guy next to me was watching, and sure enough he was. After I was fully changed I lowered my window. He walked up to my door and told me that he liked my change of appearance, while his dick was still hanging out. I thanked him for his compliment and asked him how I could show my appreciation.
I told him that I wanted to experience all of the pleasures that he would show me. Then I took his dick inside my mouth without touching it with my hand. He reached out and held my head as he started telling me how he wanted me to suck him. He had me caress his balls as he fed his cock to me. He would pull my head tightly into his crotch and hold me there as I swallowed his dick down my throat.
He would pull out of me and have me suck on his balls, then have me lick his dick until he shoved it back down my throat. When I started tasting his pre cum he started roughly fucking my face. His first shot of cum went straight down my throat. Then he pulled back and shot the rest of his load in my mouth, telling me that I better swallow every drop. I’m not sure why he said that because I wasn’t going to waste a single drop of his cum. I sucked his dick long after he lost his erection. Licking around his head, sucking his balls, then swallowing him again, milking every drop out of him.
When he became too sensitive for me to suck anymore he pulled out and walked back to his car and left.
I wanted more but after staying there for a couple of hours and no one else came to the rest area I left.
Until next time.
Maybe you will be at my next rest area.

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  • I sucked my first cock in a road side park, one night while my wife slept in the car.

  • There are a lot of guys willing to let us suck their dicks at rest areas. I know that I get horney whenever I drive on trips and I enjoy being able to let the men relieve that pressure.

  • Hot, l love when a guy grabs my hair and shoves his cock down my throat.

  • Rest on my cock you fucking flamer. Yeah you be a hag looking for some stag in the rest area parking lot. I'll make you bleed when I'm done. Or my name ain't Mr. Teepee

  • Sounds good me peepee

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