I'm weird I know

My confession is I drive to neighboring towns and expose myself to men, they could be driving a truck or I've even done it in restaurants and taverns. It's easy I just hike my skirt up and do it. I try to act like I dont realize they can see.CConsequently I've slept with dozens of men. I've been married for 7 year's , he has no idea. I realize it's disgusting and I am bound to catch something or get pregnant but I'm addicted.

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  • I used to do this and I would get so wet. By the time I got home I pulled out the vibrator and would cum so many time. But I only innocently (wink wink) flashed mostly just my boobs, I never hooked up. My husband and I had talked about it before, as just fantasies, but he never knew I really did it. I'd love to do it again but I'm a little older (60yo) and I worry it would just make me appear desperate or creepy.

  • Sounds yummy, I drive a truck and in 20 years I've see bare breast, skirt hiked up, woman masturbate with vibrators so next time by a trucker show it off we don't bite.

  • I do honey song worry , I have a blue Mazda 3

  • It was suppose to say don't worry honey I do flash truckers slot lol

  • I had an experience with a woman flashing me while I was with my girlfriend and her daughter in the food court of the mall. She got my attention when she lead over to put her purse on the floor and her tits were fully on display in her loose top. Once she knew she had my attention her hand was raising her skirt and her legs were parted just enough to let me know she wasn't wearing panties. When we were done eating I told my wife I had a few calls to make and would catch up with them when I was done. I ended up following this woman out and fucking her behind the dumpsters. Such a hot fuck she was!

  • I bet it sounds hot , I've brought men to my suburban from malls before but never behind a garbage can. Thank you for responding to my confession

  • Do you let them fuck you bare? I think its so hot you fuck them in your suburban, lots of room in those. She lead the way ,I was so horny I would have fucked her anywhere, the dumpsters were good cover.

  • I do it too. Can't stop myself. I am starting to need the danger to get off.

  • Maybe that is it I'm dressing to do it today

  • What are you wearing? What do you look like? Have fun!

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