Step daughter caught me

I woke up late one Saturday morning to an empty house. I got up, went to the bathroom and had something to eat. I got a text from my wife that her and the kids were out shopping. Our daughter and my step daughter and step son. My wife is a few years older than me so my step kids are older than our daughter. I am a 6 foot tall relatively fit and healthy guy. I decided to take a shower and jerk off before getting dressed. Hard as a rock I'm stroking away when I look up and my step daughter is standing in the door way watching me. I froze but felt so incredibly turned on I started shooting cum all over my chest while looking into her eyes. she smiled and walked away. I later apologized and she said it's not a big deal. That was 4 years ago, she is 20 now and ever since we both mastubate with our doors open and "pretend" not to notice each other is watching. That is when I learned I really enjoy watching and being watched.

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  • It was wife's turn to work the weekend night shift, at the hospital. Her daughter (my stepdaughter) was out with friends. So I was home all by myself. So I decided I was going to drink some beer, and watch some porn. So I dug through my hidden stash of nasty porn dvd's. Found a good one about bisexual MMF threesomes. Cracked my first beer and started the movie.
    It wasn't long before I was feeling the effects of the beer, and my cock was rock hard from the fucking on the move. So I took my shirt and sweat pants off, and started masterbating. It wasn't long before I blew my load of cum all over my belly and chest. It didn't take long before I was hard again and blew my second load on my chest. Shortly after that I fell asleep naked and cum covered in the chair.
    I woke up an hour or so later I noticed that the cum was wiped up off me and cock and balls were covered up with a towel. The dvd had been started over, and my stepdaughter was home and had fallen asleep on the couch. I got up and turned the dvd off. Realized I was still naked, and sporting a raging hard on. My stepdaughter only had a tee shirt and panties on. I slowly lifted her tee shirt up enough so I could see her belly, and masterbated cumming on her belly, and then went to bed.
    The next morning all she did was smile at me. To this day my stepdaughter has never said a word to me about that night.

  • I got my stepdaughter preggo. She kept flirting and flirting and I told her to quit, or fuck me. She then grabbed my cock and led me to the bedroom and said, “ok, let’s see if your old ass knows how to fuck”. So I got her all wet and worked up and plowed that pussy....turns out she was in ovulation and took my seed. Not sure what to do next, she’s threatened to tell her mom and the cops I raped her...but I secretly recorded her flirting and had a cam to record us fucking.....willingly

  • Here is what you do next.... you wake the fuck up because yo ass dreaming.

  • You are just jealous.

  • Me and my girlfriend moved in with her sister when we were young. We had a lock on our door but if you bumped it hard with your hip the door would come open. More than once me and my girlfriend were fucking when her sister bumped the door and came in. One time I had my girlfriend on her back with legs over her head. I was hammering away on her pussy when her sister walked in. We didn't notice she came in and I kept right on plowing my girlfriend. Her sister stood there and watched until we finished. I think her sister just liked to watch. I never did fuck her sister but she saw plenty of me.

  • I caught my stepdaughter using her vibrator. I was trying to watch TV and I started hearing this humming noise. It was faint so I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I started walking around the house looking for it. Then I went to the basement and was listening, I was getting closer. I walked into the basement entertainment room and there was my stepdaughter laying on the couch naked using a vibrator on her pussy. When she saw me she closed her legs and tried to cover herself with her hands. It was too late, I had already seen everything. I apologized and told her I was just looking for that strange noise. I left and we never talked about it.

  • Shit happens

  • My stepdaughter caught me naked. She's 24 years old and broke up with her boyfriend. She asked if she could move in with us so my wife let her. I work second shift but my wife and her daughter work first shift. I woke up around 8AM and walked to the kitchen naked like I do ever morning. I was standing at the island drinking some juice when my stepdaughter walked into the kitchen. I didn't know she took the day off. So here I am buck ass naked and my stepdaughter is standing there looking at me. She glances down and my junk and then back up to my eyes. She smiled and said "I see why mom married you". Then she walked past me to the fridge. I sat the glass down and calmly walked to the bedroom.

  • You should have asked her if she wanted to try it and see why

  • One night when my mom was away on business I came home late after a few drinks. My stepdad was asleep on the couch with his dick out and porn on the tv. I figured he’d fallen asleep jerking off. I couldn’t resist and started sucking his dick. Soft and slow at first, he started to get hard, then he started to moan. He was holding the back of my head and saying “we shouldn’t be doing this.” But he didn’t stop until I swallowed. I just left him on the couch, dick out, mumbling “oh shit.”

  • Very nice, should be more girls like you

  • Why didn't you bend her over the counter and fucker her like a real man.

  • Lol. I wish I did I want her so bad

  • Not sure who you're talking about, but you are not the one who posted the comment.

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