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I'm graduating from from HS soon, and a bunch of my friends are going to spend a few days camping and partying at a lake a couple hours away in three weeks. I told my parents about this, and my mom just said, "Are there going to be boys there?" I wasn't going to lie and said yes. It's going to be 8 boys and 4 girls. She's getting me on birth control pills next week, and won't let me go if I don't.

I was shocked that she said that. It's like she's a mind-reader or something. I don't talk about sex ever with my parents, but somehow they know that we're planning on getting laid. It's true, so I haven't denied it, but won't confirm it to them either. (Yet I even have a mental list of whom I'm planning to screw.) It's just weird and embarrassing that my parents know what we're up to before it even happens.

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    • Your parents know that on post-grad trips people spend a hell of a lot of time without their pants on doing the bump and grind. It was like that when I was a hs grad in the 90's and it probably hasn't changed. At least they are letting you go.

    • I will never forget the day my parents knew I was having sex. They were supposed to be gone for the weekend and they left at around noon on Saturday. I was already planning on my boyfriend spending the night and he came over around three or so, a few hours later we were already in my bedroom naked and having fun. I had not even completely shut my bedroom door. I was moaning out with an orgasm as he was going down on me when I saw and heard my bedroom door close. My boyfriend stopped what he was doing and looked up at me, I told him it was my mom so for some reason my parents are home. We laid there wondering what to do, he lowered his head back down and kept licking me and I was like, stop I am completely not in the mood for this right now.
      We got up and dressed then I took a deep breath in and opened my door, we headed down to the living room, no one was around. I walked back upstairs and their bedroom door was closed. I heard his car start up and leave so I went back downstairs and waited for the inevitable but it never happened.
      The next morning I walked downstairs and my dad looked up from his coffee then said something like I hope you at least used a condom. I was already on the pill to regulate my cycles, I sat down at the table and told well if you must know we never even got that far.

    • Haha, my mom and I had a heart to heart, she told me about all the boys she was with, and got me on birth control also. I felt even closer to my mom since. I learned so much from her. And she was so right when she said he was gonna finish way too soon.

    • Have you ever even had intercourse before?

    • Your parents aren't stupid and they are doing you a favor. I'm a mom who raised a son who went on a similar type of trip after graduation, and I knew it wasn't about enjoying the outdoors with friends. For him it was about partying and chasing pussy. Thank God no one got arrested or pregnant. Be safe.

    • They were horny teenagers once too, it's not weird they know at all.

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