Friends Brother was my First

Many moons ago, like 20 of them, I stayed the weekend at a friends house. Samantha was a little older than me at 13, I was right around the corner from there by a little over a year. I went directly after school with them. Samantha had a older brother named Brian, he was 16. That Friday, I don't know why I wore a dress, but it just so happened to be that I had. When I finally ran into Brian at the house, he was pretty bold, hey blondie, I see your getting some boobs now, you might be worth coming to my room later on when Samantha has her piano lesson at 7. Samantha hadn't mentioned anything to me about her having a piano lesson, but sure enough, her instructor arrived close to 7. Sam says I can stay and watch or go see TV with Brian. Brian's room is away from the house, I start to make my way towards it remembering the words he had spoken to me earlier about going to his room.

I knock on the door and Brian opens it and says he knew I would come as he tells me to go in, he closes the door behind me, I didn't think you would want to listen to Sam practice playing her piano. Brian says if I want to play video games, watch Tv, or make out, he is so bold with his words. You do make out right, as he gets closer to me. Have you been kissed yet? I say yes, I am sure he knows I am lying. Let's see...before I could say anything he puts his hands on my waist and puts his lips on mine. He stops and quickly says maybe you have, and then this time kisses me again but puts his tougue in my mouth and moves his hands to my behind and starts to squeeze my butt cheeks over my dress, moving them apart over the dress. He stops kissing me then moves his hands back to my waist and says he knew I was to trot!! Let's unbutton this dress Janice and see what your body looks like... I couldn't stop Brian even had I wanted too. He starts with the top button of my dress and unbuttoned a few to below my breast. I have a white lace cami under and he quickly starts to put his hands on both of them and squeezes them and moves to kiss me, his tougue is back in my mouth. He stops kissing me and pushes the cami down with a hand and puts his mouth on my breast. Biting my nipples gently...I love how he is doing it, gently biting and then sucking on my nipple, then he moves to my other breast and does the same thing!!! When he stops, he starts to undo the remainder of the button of my dress and gets it open apart, not bad as my tiny white bikini panties come to his view, he pushes the dress off me and grabs me by the arm and says let's go to the couch. I follow him dressed in only my cami and panties.

Brian sits me on the couch and makes me open my legs apart with his arms, he stands in between them. He removes his shirt, he says to me that I am one hot girl for almost being 13, I didn't want to correct him and say I was going to be 12, i don't know if it would have mattered regardless!!

After Brian's shirt is off, he unbuckles his belt, unbuttoned his shorts and unzips his zipper down, It's like I can hear it zip down with my ears. He starts to step out of them and he is wearing black underwear, he grabs the side of his underwear and says he bets I've never seen one of these before, as he pulls his underwear down, his cock pops out twitching. He grabs my hand and pushes it to his cock and says for me to make it grow more. I think it's already big. I just move it up and down and kinda sideways and feel it growing bigger. Let's get this off you as he reaches for the bottom of my cami and starts to raise it up over my head. I have to let go off his shaft so he can accomplish this task. Once he gets it off, he says for me to kiss his cock and grabs my head and pushes it closer to his boner. I kiss it, Brian then says for me to open my mouth, I do as told and Brian starts to push it in my mouth, nice, are his words, he moves my head back and forth and then says for me to do it as one of his hands finds the center of my panties. He pushes my panties in my opening, he finds my hole so easy it seems, as I suck his cock. The friction of his hand on my pussy is to much for me as I let go of his cock from my mouth and lay back towards the back of the couch. I say Brian...I can't no more, he says it's ok its his turn. I have no idea what he means, but he gets on his knees and pushes my panties aside and says look at this bald pussy and spits on it and then starts to lick it, I feel him start to insert his finger inside and playing with my hole... You like this Janice he asks? I can't even answer him back! Brian gets up and says I'm ready to be fucked, let's get your panties off, I say Brian he reaches for their sides on my hips, he says it's ok then, that he can still fuck me with my panties on. He then asks if I have period yet. I say yes, twice. He says not to worry he knows how to pull out, that I'm not his first virgin. How does he even know I'm a virgin? This all rings in my brain. He grabs my legs and pushes them towards him and I slide down towards the couch, I am like in a ball as he pushes my knees to my ears shoulder width apart, he pulls my panties to the side and makes me hold one side so they away from my pussy. Brian then starts to shove his cock in my pussy. You feel it going in Janice? I don't even answer, but I feel like I am being split open. Brian calls out he loves virgin cunt as he gets all his shaft inside me, can you feel my cock in your pussy, I say yes softly. Brian then starts to go back and forth slowly to more aggressively, his thrust more in rhythm. I let go off my panties and Brian says these need to come off...he pulls his cock out and gets off me and then grabs me by the arms and says stand up, as I stand up he turns me around and tells me to put my hands on the couch, he pushes my back down and pushes my panties down vigorously, the he makes me spread my legs open and he shoves his cock back in my pussy. This is how dogs fuck Janice, as he trust his prick inside me, I am under his spell, loving it!!!


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  • Wow

  • Great story Janice, especially the bit about being nearly 12. You were a dirty little slut weren't you. Tell us some more stories from your school days.

  • I'm sure he didn't pull out.

  • Fuck yeah

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