Can't believe my little sister is dating a spook.

I love my little sister a great deal. I just hate to see her making a huge mistake. She is 17 and dating a 28 year old excon and black man. My parents are besides themselves. They aren't saying much . My mom says they're hoping it's a fad and it will pass. I think they should outright tell her she can't see him. I told my parents they need to spend a little money and checks this guys wrap sheet. I bet it's a mile long . He's your typical yo boy. Pants hanging down low, wearing lots of big gold chains and rings and wears two watches. Don't think he works so he's probably a drug dealer. I hate to think of my little sis giving herself to this creep. I hope see don't get pregnant . That would kill my parents. If our other relatives find out they won't talk to us anymore . I never thought this could happen to us. We don't deserve this . Nobody deserves this shit in their family. It would be one thing if he wasn't a convicted criminal. If he was a nice young man her own age. Not this fucking creep. I wish she would open her mind and see this guy for the piece of crap he is. I'm going to find out about his back ground . I'm going to run his name . I'll pay for it at least we'll know more about this creep. I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone.

1 month ago

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    • You are all just jealous LITTLE cocks

    • I'm not a fan of it, either. Can't stand when the white bartenders or servers that I know get mixed up with black guys, knocked up, then the guys take off or go to jail, but, in my own family, my niece is with one. We're nice and all, and say the right things (for now), but he has stuff in his past and has said that was the old him. I doubt it. I can't wait until he screws up and she ditches his darky ass for an upstanding white guy. I see them at family gatherings, and struggle to either avoid him or not explode and tell him what I think.

    • If you think it is happening, more than likely, it is.

    • An adult coupled with a minor is considered statutory rape in most places. Doesn't matter if they actually do anything. Simply let the authorities know and they'll take it from there. In today's woke culture that guy won't stand a chance. If he actually did anything with her things will go downhill from there and they'll compound the charges. The guy will be locked up for a long time and be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. Dp the right thing and report it yourself if your parents won't.

    • Why spend all that allowance you saved to run his " wrap sheet " when you are already convinced he's a " convicted criminal " ? Stay wrapped in your own sheet, you Ku Klux Klown, and leave her alone.

    • She just wants the BBC.

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