My taboo thoughts

I can’t stop wishing I was 3 years older so I could talk to older men and they would take me seriously. Being in HS and desiring grown men is really frustrating. Does anyone know of any rooms or apps just to fantasize and talk? It would really help me out.

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  • I'll talk to you

  • You could talk to older men that's not illegal. I would like to chat with you.

  • How?

  • Let me know I'll talk to you

  • Thru email or the phone

  • Phone email me and I can give you my number

  • I accidentally deleted your email can u send it again please. Thanks. I want to chat with you.

  • I think something is fishy here , when I was in high school I had absolutely no problem meeting and being with older people.

  • Not today, FBI.

  • Let me know if you want to chat (45m)

  • I’d love to chat haha how?

  • At 3 years old you literally wouldn't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

  • Three years OLDER

  • How old are u? If you're a grown teenager maybe we could chat.

  • I am fifteen

  • I have so may fantasies myself of playing with a 15 yo

  • Tell me about them..

  • So sexy and hot... just as you are

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