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I am a man in his '60s and have had single periods in which I dated women around 10 years younger but not a big age gap. I see that young women today chat that they have been with men up to my age. I would like to know what attracts you to older men. Have you ever gone out of your way to get to know an older man? Maybe this led to friends or nowhere or someplace else. People say young women seek a new experience or money or are tired of men their age. I can understand because men don't catch up in maturity til around 30. If you've been with an older man, what was it like? Did you learn about yourself? Feel free to say whatever you'd like. Thanks. Ted

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  • I am F 23 years of age and I have gone out with several older men (much older) and from my experiences they treat me more as a woman not just some piece of meat they pick up off the streets.
    I am currently seeing a 58 year old and have been for the past year.

  • Personally I just like feeling more dominated. I find older men know what they want. Daddy issues as well. I happen to just be turned in by being used by an older man not nessasarly wanting to date them just fulfilling a fantasy for them as they are doing for me 😊 would you ever want to have sex with a 28 year old? Woukd you be ok Cumming inside someone my age? I'd love to know what you're fantasys would be like.

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