I've Discovered Camming

I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock! I am a widowed 55 year old woman, still attractive I’m told, and I have just discovered camming. A friend of mine got me into it. So I can be naked in front of a thousand people, masturbate and squirt all over the fucking place with everyone watching, and get paid for it?

Where the FUCK has this been all my life?? Is this great or what? I may never leave the house!


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  • Recently, I attended the funeral of an old family friend back in my hometown. She had passed after a short bout of cancer at the age of 82. Only one other person from the old neighborhood attended, a woman a year younger than me who had lived right next door to the lady, her husband and son. She seemed really out of it, and admitted she had taken Xannax and smoked a joint of OG Kush. She invited me to come by for a visit after the funeral, telling me, " I have something to show you. " I took her up on her invitation. Turns out, a month prior to the old lady's passing she had entrusted my friend to the contents of a cardboard box, telling her to, "Destroy these when I'm gone !" It turned out to be dvd's, mostly, but also some photographs of the dear departed nude, and in sexual situations. The old broad was never what you would call "pretty" but she was very sexy. Large breasted, but, narrow hipped we got to see the changes over the years, the weight gain and loss, an admirable boob lift and enhancement at some point, the thick dark bush from profuse, to narrow landing strip, to shaved, to full growth again, never losing its' color even when she was grey on top. She preferred and excelled at hand jobs, never performing oral, but encouraging it done to her. Some of it was super 8 mm stuff, and vhs transferred to dvd. My friend opened some wine and rolled a joint, and got so blasted I was able to sneak a photo of the old girl in a split beaver shot. I rubbed one out to it, back at the motel.

  • It’s a brave new world isn’t it?

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