I came all over my dad's bible

Today, shortly after waking up, I decided to have a morning wank. To spare you the nitty gritty details, just as I was about to climax I was so focused solely on my dick I've failed to notice that im shooting cum all over my dad's bible. Now I think dad's gonna disown me

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  • This was an unfortunate occurrence, as for sure you will be the sad recipient of God's wrath one day. Why on earth didn't you look what you were doing, disown you, he will have no need, God is merciful, God is kind, but there is a limit. I suggest you go to church and ask the Reverend for help.

  • God will strike you down and make your wanger shrivel up and fall off.

  • Wow. A shrink would have a field day with this one. Good for you!

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