Step daughter desire... a fair few of these posts have mentioned, dad's/step-dad's often have a secret desire to play with their daughters...

How many girls have actually wanted this too and ended up doing something? And if it happened, how did it get there?

Am after ideas of what could work with mine! She's very, very cute and I'd love to feel her on my cock! ;-)

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  • I've known my stepdad since I was 16. He and my mom started dating and I hated it. I used to do horrible things to him trying to make him leave. Then I started telling lies hoping my mom would leave him. Eventually I came to accept him, and then even like him. He gave me so much good advice that I found myself talking to him about things instead of my real dad. Years past and I married, moved away, had kids, divorced, and moved back home again. By this time I was 34 years old and my stepdad was pushing 50, yes my mom was older than him. Then one day our world was rocked when my mother died in a car accident. I was devastated as was my stepdad. He refused to go out and almost a year later still hadn't been on one single date. I tried to get him to go out but he wouldn't. His company was having a Christmas party and I wanted him to go. He had every reason why he shouldn't, including no date. I told him I would be his date, and after forcing him to go we made it to the party. He and I both ended up drunk and some how ended up fucking. Crazy I know, but that's how it happened.

  • Mine happened over a long period of time, i only started noticing he was eyeing me up a year after he married my mum and i was almost 18 then. and other sleazy things i began noticing such as clothes not where i left, my knicker draws being half open etc, he was pretty hot and my mind wandered but i never planned on doing more than that. when he offered to take me shopping i realised i could use him to my advantage and when i turned 18, getting him to drive me and friends to town and pick us up etc. however, getting home at 3am drunk with a older guy who i knew fancied me? it wasnt long before i couldn't help myself and he hardly refused. so it turned into a trading favours thing after that, mixed with secret sex while mum was asleep and during the day. the sex was really good. but after a few years me and my boyfriend got serious so i stopped it and after moving out t was alot easier, now its just our secret x

  • So the softly, softly approach worked then! I bet it felt so wrong and naughty when you had sex!

  • I guess it was a soft approach, more cautious than anything on his part, i cant remember much about how we started the physical part, all i remember was being very drunk looking up at my heels in the air as he was in-between my legs. but things hardly stayed softly softly if you get me. x

  • Well that's definitely the scene I'd love to play out with mine one day! Will always be on hand to pick her up after big nights out lol! ;-)

  • Well that would depend on your situation. with mine. he may have got my body as he wanted, but i got his body and plenty out of his wallet too, i knew how to play him x

  • Well, probably in the same way your step-Dad did, I'd be happy to pay for some alone time with her ;-)

  • Yeah i aint ashamed to admit it, handed over cash many times followed by a mouthfull of cock. favor for a favor

  • If she is of age compliment her on how good she looks. Tell her I remember when your mom had a nice ass like yours. Things like that may work but see how she reacts. If she is flattered then keep doing it. Ask her if she has a boyfriend and how lucky is to have you.

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