Daddy's sperm

When I was young I would find my dad's used condoms in the bathroom trash after my parents had sex. I would take them to my bedroom and I would use dad's sperm to masturbate with and just as I was having an orgasm I would swallow the rest of dad's sperm. I guess that's how I developed a taste for sperm

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    no one gives a shit about dora and that is why she is feeling sorry for herself feeling guilty knowing she has hurt heaps of women to see her daughter marry a hundred times. give it a break slut!

  • Tastes great less filling

  • I jack off in my wife's coffee often and have been doing it for years

  • You do need cream in your coffee.

  • I've been putting my cum in my mom's and sisters food and drinks for a few years now and I get so hard watching them swallowing my cum and they have no idea that they are swallowing my sperm

  • Wtf is wrong with you

  • Really there's nothing wrong with trying it for the first time... You really need to try this out for yourself

  • My mum likes me to cum on her sandwiches before she eats them.

  • Join the club, dude! I'd LOVE to taste your sperm if you would let me! You could send it to me in a condom! Well?

  • Send me your info

  • You can come and suck my cock anytime you want , my cum is very sweet i often cum in a glass and drink it

  • I would love that

  • Better if you have it straight from the source his dick

  • You could send me a box full cum filled condoms to suck down and swallow or you could give me that delicious cum personally.

  • Info please and I will send you my sperm on dry ice shipped to you over night

  • What is your email address

  • I would love to you be my first cock sucking experience

  • I found a used condom in a park trash can when I was 15. I started getting hard right away. Always wondering if other guys cum tasted like mine, I brought it home with me. I loved just smelling it for a while, but after I got too excited, I just HAD to eat it. I was nervous because my loads never are more than 3 - 4 large drops, and I figured so we're other guys. This thing could have filled a shot glass ! I cut a slit in the end, and then squeezed it out in pulses, like a dick blowing its load. It was much creamier than mine and I enjoyed it. Then a couple years later, my first gf didn't like eating cum, so after a bj, she would always spit it into my mouth, and then rub my throat and say "swallow that cum, ALL of it", which I would do. She was SO hot ! We dated 4 years so I figured 4 years of eating most of my loads, I've eaten ALOT of cum. Is it any wonder I'm addicted to it now?

  • My girlfriends don't know that I look for used condoms at their house and taste their husbands cum after they have sex. I love the fact that I have tasted their husbands sperm and swallow all of it and my girlfriends don't know that I have tasted and swallowed their husbands cum. I wonder what they would think if they knew that I was doing this just because I'm a real life cum slut that swallows anyone's cum I can get my hands on. Its better than fucking them because nobody else knows about what I do

  • Good girl. Swallow it down. I have to lick and suck out my mum's pussy juice from her worn panties, though I would love to taste her by parting her cunt and swallowing directly.

  • My boyfriend said that when he was 14 his Mother drank a lot and she would always pass out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked and he said he would feel her up by sucking on her nipples while fingering her and he was able to have sex with her in the spooning position

  • So hot to hear about something like that.

  • The other thing I like is licking the outside of the condom because I get to be able to taste my mom's pussy

  • Id love to message u, I'm so turned on by mom and son sex I want to meet sumonr who has maybe they would invite a guess. Any incest

  • Info please

  • I started with my mom when i was very young ,,, talk to me

  • Emailed you

  • What is your email address i will email you


  • I've cummed on my granddaughters (Riley) clean panties then got nervous about being caught so I licked it off, that was my first time eating my own cum, now I do it every day, it's not bad, you can even blow bubbles with it.
    Grandpa Terrance

  • Why cum in her panties? I cum in my 10-year-old's pussy and lick her out afterwards.

  • Now that is so hot ,,, started my daughter young also ,, lets chat

  • I do the same. We have two preteen daughters..

  • Mmm mine was preteen also ,,, lets chat about ours together

  • I all ways cum in my young daughter's pussy and i then suck and lick it out of her pussy and by the time i have cleaned her out she start to cum all over my face and i lick her clean. i notice her cum tastes different to mine more sweeter.

  • That is the best part filling her bare young pussy ,, and then clean it out ,,,

  • Nice how old is she. I have two daughters and do the same. Whats your daughter look lile..

  • Oh god I would give anything to cum in Riley's cunt then lick her and make her cum, I've jerked off so many times thinking about it. I have been putting full loads in her cereal bowl and watch her eat it, she has no idea. Yesterday for lunch I put a full load on her tuna sandwich and she did open it and say something to me, I told her it was a different mayo, tomorrow it's going to be 2 big loads of grandpa's cum on her sandwich, I'm so fucking hard right now and close to cumming--I will eat this load myself.

  • How old is she..

  • I would just love to eat that load with you :-) so fucking hard right now

  • Can I eat your load.

  • Not bad? It's GREAT! No gf for a while and I eat ALL my loads, and always enjoy!

  • My dad jacks off every morning before he goes to work. Uses a kitchen rag to catch his cum, then throws it in the laundry basket on his way out. I like to sleep in before my college class starts, but wake when I hear the front door close. That's my cue to get the rag out of the hamper. I lay there in bed, sucking his cum from the rag while I frig myself. I often use my hairbrush, but have started using veggies, carrots are my favorite but I enjoy the occasional zucchini. All while imagining its my dad fucking the hell out of me.

  • Last month dad came by my room and caught me with a zucchini stuffed way up into me just as I came on it and I was voiceterous and he just stood there watching me. When I came down and tried covering myself up dad was right at my bed side telling me there's nothing to be ashamed about masturbating and I tried to say but you watched me and he said so what I use to watch your mom do it all the time, but but I am your daughter as he bent down and gave me one hell of a kiss right on my lips and I couldn't help but give him one no two in return and held my arms around his head. Then I confessed to him that it was him I was thinking about when I was fucking myself and he looked at me and the zucchini saying it's smaller and I said what your didck and laughed a bit and he said no the zucchini and I said no way and he unzipped his pants pulled his hard cock out and held the zucchini up against him and sure enough his cock is a bit bigger at that moment I told dad you could use that on me any time you wanted as I pulled him down onto me taking hold of his cock pushing it into me and he gave me one hell of a fu ck ing cumming in me twice before he pulled out of me.

    He never did go back to work just called in and took a sick day and we never got out of my bed for the rest of the day and night.

  • Don't wait for him let him see you masturbating and he will get the idea

  • Id love to message u. I wanna talk to anyone with real "family" experience I've had sum myself


  • I have had several experiences with different famiy member male and female.

  • Show your email address

  • I sucked my brothers cock

  • Tell me about it... and i'll tell u my brother story too.

  • I love the smell of a fresh cum soaked rag. I'd find one's my older brother used, and I would cover my face with them and jerk off, until he caught me. Then he started making me give him regular blowjobs, or he threatened to tell the guys at school what I was doing with the rag. So,whenever he didn't have a gf, I knew what I'd have to do, 3 -4 Times a night.

  • It's absolutely the best thing tasting your dad's sperm I just wish I could get it straight from his dick

  • I do. He started mouth-fucking me when I was 4.

  • You can, at least I always did. When I was young, I remember my dad slept nude, and he would come in my room at night, pretend to be straightening out my bookcase , which meant he had to lean over my bed to reach it. He would always make sure he stopped with his dick right over my face. Sometimes it would just start squirting, in pulses, although I had no idea why ,at that time. I do remember the taste though. He would just say " whoops, I'm sorry", which made it ok.

  • I hate the taste of cum out of a condom, all that spermicide and lube make it taste horrible. Much prefer to take it directly from the fountain, without all that mess. I also make sure my mom buys a jug of pineapple juice each week and that Dad gets a small glass every day with his breakfast. It makes his cum taste so good!

  • Pineapple juice does make a different when swallow cum. I make sure I drink a glass before my wife give me a blowjob.

  • I hate it when my husband cums in my mouth. I hate the taste, the smell and how it feels like a big slimy wad of snot in my mouth. Just the thought of swallowing it makes me gag and wretch. I'd rather take a baseball bat sized dick up my ass dry than a mouthful of baby batter.

  • My wife hates it too. I force her. Se usually gags and pukes. It's a friggin mess. Sometimes we manage to get the puke out and then get back into it and I warn her to swallow and shove it in deep so it goes straight down.

  • My mum used to hate it, but now she's used to me giving her a mouth-fuck.

  • You need to have him drink pineapple juice before you blow him. It make so much different in taste.

  • That's a good start for being naughty ....

  • I see the title now, "daddy's condoms knocked me up", lol Cum is delicious anyway but better when it's from the rod that made you.

  • I also like the taste of cum but my husband doesnt like to cum on my mouth, he says that makes him think of me as a whore and he doesnt like that. I started giving blowjobs to a friend from work because I needed to taste sperm, he was happy to give it to me although he wanted to fuck me too so I let him fuck me once in a while but mainly I just want to give him a blowjob and taste it ;)

  • Lol that's hilarious. He doesn't want to feel like you're a whore, but turns out, you're a whore :D (I mean that in a great way)

  • Where do you work I'll be right over there

  • Id love to discuss your addiction more k1k me captain.harlock

  • This was a real life experience I had as a teenager

  • Dad passed out after one of his out with the boys party and he had a big bulge in his pants and he was moaning. I have given my BF a few BJ's before and the size of dad's bulge had me drooling. I went to him and undid his belt and managed to get his pants off of him and he wasn't wearing shorts and there he was hard before me and I bent down and began to lick him running my toung up and down the length of his co ck and he started in leaking pre cum which I licked up and ran my toung around it's head pulling it into my mouth deeper and deeper till I started in swallowing all 7 inches of him and then without warning he cum in my mouth and throat and I held all of him in me as he finished cumming and I continued to suck on him and he began to fuck my mouth. I almost gagged several times when he held my head on him with his co ck buried deep into my throat but he'd let me up to breath and go right back fuc king my mouth.
    I didn't know dad was awake at the last but when he cum in my mouth for the second time he was wide awake and he told me that I was the best he's ever had and that put a big smile upon my face.

  • Do u wanna share stories? My step sister sucked and swallowed my cum when I was in 8th grade and she was younger than me. We stopped when she got to high school but had another encounter after she graduated

  • I was out with my BF and when I got home at 230 am dad was passed out on the couch and a porn was playing on the TV and for some reason I started in watching and before I knew it I was rubbing dad's co ck thru his shorts and he got harder and harder and I couldn't stop. I ended up giving him head just like the girl on the screen was and dad woak up just as he came in my mouth and I swallowed and his hands took hold of the back of my head holding me and he began fucking my mouth at times I couldn't breath and I started in gagging as he held himself deep into my throat. It didn't take him long to remove my clothes even I told him he couldn't but he did anyway and now I can't get enough of him, I can't wait till he gets home from work at 1230 am and he comes and gets into bed with me and before long he's making love to me all over again and again till 3 or 4 in the morning

  • Lucky girl wish my dad would let me suck him off

  • Good girl

  • That's creepy!

  • Who asked you!?

  • That is the fuckin hottest thing ive ever heard, i wish u were my step daughter. Did he ever find out how u used his cum? Im about to blow my wad just thinking about what you did and how u swallowed your daddys load, ill think if u when i cum your fuckin hot, im in love

  • You should have sucked your daddy off and then fucked him and get it strait from the sauce.

  • Oh this makes me wet

  • Don't waste it time to get out your dildo

  • Didn't you post this on whisper

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