Sometimes Dreams do Come True

We met a the Local Wall Mart on a Tuesday evening in the garden section. She was looking for garden spray. As we talked I mentioned a type that I used and it worked for me. It was located in the back row of the section. I said, "Look they moved to the bottom row," As she knelt down to look at it the top of her dress fell open exposing her nice rounded breasts. After a long look I knelt down beside her. She smiled sweetly and whispered, "How did you like the view." I looked deep into her eyes and said, " The mountains and the valley are beautiful." Then I leaned into her touching my lips to hers. Her mouth open and my tongue darted in searching for her tongue.

"Let's go some place where we can be alone." She breathlessly said. So we went to a motel and once in the room she rushed into my waiting arms. We kissed as I slowly began to undress her. She was even sexier than I had imagined. Her breasts stood out nicely, not too big and not too small, just the right mouth full. Her slim thighs guarding her precious lower valley. "Oh god, take me, I've waited so long for this moment. Lay me down and give me the rod I so longed wanted." My sexy sister said. We lay down and we fucked and we fucked. She told me of her dull married life and how one day while visiting mom and dad, she had walked by my room and saw my large cock and how from that day she knew she had to have me. Then I told her about my obsession with he body and how I often wanted to touch her in every way. So you see, sometimes dreams do come true.

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  • Wake up, your still dreaming.

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