Lost in a bad part of town

It was getting late and we were lost, frantically searching for a hotel. Nothing seemed recognisable and we were both tired from the journey and then as we turned into a side street there were three guys on the corner smoking under a street lamp. These were the first people that we had seen in the past 30 minutes, so I wound down the window hoping to ask for directions and one of them came over to speak to me. I knew as he got closer that this may have been a bad idea. He looked rough and menacing and I quickly scanned the street to see if anyone else was around to help, but this looked like a bad neighbourhood, the street was deserted and many of the houses were boarded up and abandoned.
He looked into the car and saw my wife in the passenger seat. He smiled as he studied her through the open window before reaching in and stroking her long blond hair between his fingers, I could see that his eyes fixed on her cleavage framed by the open buttons of her tight shirt. She immediately slapped his hand away and the mood suddenly changed. He forced the door open and grabbed her roughly by the arm, pulling her out of the car and forcing her into the back seat.
As she laid there on her back he pounced on her. I tried to help, but felt the sudden cold steel of a blade against my neck as his friends held me. She fought back as hard as she could, but I saw him reached up her shirt and she managed to push his hand away. She wasn’t prepared to let a man like him touch her like that, but he pushed with more force up her shirt and I could see the shape of his hand cupping her breasts as they struggled. She tried again to move his hand away again but he was far too strong. He grabbed the edges of the shirt and ripped it wide open sending buttons flying in all directions, I could see that he already had her breasts scooped out of her bra and was sucking hard on her exposed nipples, then he began to tear off her shirt. She continued to struggle with him, but he easily overpowered her. He tossed her skirt aside and yanked off her shirt and bra. He then held her wrists at her sides and removed her panties with his teeth.

She screamed as she felt his tongue start explore her pussy, so the man grabbed her discarded panties and stuffed them into her mouth to keep her quiet. She squirmed and tried to yell but it was useless. He continued to lick her cunt softly at first then more violently. She tried to shut her legs. He stopped licking for a moment and looked her directly in the eye. Then he raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face.

She fell back in shock and he went back to furiously eating her out, shoving his tongue in and out of her wet cunt. "You better cum soon you fucking whore!" he shouted. She began to try to shut her legs again because she could feel herself starting to cum, but when she tried to do this he reached around under her and shoved a finger roughly into her ass. She cried out, though her screams were muffed by her panties. She moaned as he sucked her clit and fingered her tight asshole.

"Ahhhh" she pleaded "Please Stop!"

"Why?" he asked "Are you about to cum?" Sensing her growing arousal he removed the panties from her mouth, just as her whole body tensed in spasm as she came. The man took the panties and rubbed them against Linda’s soaking cunt, mopping up all her juices. He then shoved the panties back into her mouth again.

"How does your cunt taste slut?" he asked, but Linda just laid in silence. He asked her again.

"Answer me you dirty bitch." he shouted as he put his knees on either side of her waist and slid up so his cock was resting between her plump breasts. He continued to massage her tits in his hands and leaned down to kiss her hard on the mouth. She didn't respond to his kiss and tried to twist her head away in disgust. In response to this, the man stopped kissing her and returned to his upright posture. He caressed her cheek with his hand as he jerked off with the other. He came quickly letting all his cum spill on to her face. Unable to wipe it away Linda closed her eyes tightly. He bent forward until his lips were almost touching her face and she could feel his breath on her ear.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't know what happened." he whispered. He shook his cock and wiped the remaining gum onto her cheek. Her eyes shot open as her began to slide lower and lower on her body. She could feel the tip of his cock was right at the entrance of her cunt. She could feel his hand moving as he massaged himself until he was hard again.

"Please No." she pleaded, but it was no use. He slammed his huge cock hard into her pussy, reaching up and kneading her breasts roughly as he fucked her harder and harder. Linda tried to squirm and fight him off as he rammed her, but her efforts were hopeless because he was far too strong. He slammed her delicate body hard against the cold leather seat as he pounded her. Then he slowed down for a moment and removed his cock from her pussy, before picking her up and forcing her on to her hands and knees. He then re-entered her cunt from behind as he reached under her and pinched her sensitive nipples. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair pulling her towards him as he forcefully fucked her. She felt his body tightened and he rammed her harder and faster, holding on to her tits with his other hand as if she was going to float away. She felt his cock twitch inside her as he finally came in the pussy.

She could feel his cum starting to trickle slowly down the inside of her legs as he dragged her out of the car naked and exposed. The other two guys, who had been watching and stroking their cocks, eagerly exchanged places with him and as one held her arms stretched out the other started to run his tongue slowly over her trembling breasts and licking her erect nipples. To see her strong body stretched out like this over the front of the car while the two men were working on her was overwhelming. There was no struggling from her now, she had submitted to their desires and was clearly on the brink of another orgasm.

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  • Happened to me last year in Santa Barbara California late at night me and my gal friend got lost in a sleazy part of town Just us two girls in a sleazy part of town and we got stopped by every light. The third light three Blacks crossed in front of us and stopped and started in talking vulgar to us we tried to get around them but to no avail all our fighting became useless. We ended up getting fucked by them several times over one did me three times cumming in me every time him telling me I was going to have his baby as he shoved his massive cock deeper into me all I could do was bite my lower lip not to let Carol know I was enjoying all of this especially the one that took me three times.
    After they left Carol and I straightened up as much as we could talking about what happened and we started to drive away three blocks later the same thing happened but the one I liked said this ones for me you two can have the other.
    For two hours he had his hard cock in me cumming I don't know how many times and he ruined me for smaller cocks from then on.
    He gave me his phone number and told me to call him well the very next day I did and he came over and bread me again willingly. even brought the others with him on a few occasions.

  • Here we go again... "writers" using this site to post the most embarrassing, phoney, cheesy, old fashioned, gimmicky horse crap.

  • Just ignore the lazy fuck troll, everyone else does.
    He or she is incapable of producing anything worthwhile

  • This site is dedicated to Confessions and Stories, and as far as I am aware a Story does not necessarily have to be true to be entertaining, so I don't see the problem here

  • Maybe it's something to do with the BORING theme

  • Maybe it's just your boring comments.
    Themes are subjective, so just because it doesn't happen to appeal to your tastes, does not mean that you speak for other people who may enjoy it. Perhaps you could point us to one of you own literary masterpieces, so we can see how it should be done, or do you just sit there and criticise other people’s contributions?

  • Fortunately it is not up to you to decide what is, or is not suitable content
    for readers of this site, so as you are not qualified to judge what people may want, you might want to keep your narrow minded and worthless opinions to yourself.

  • Read the first few lines, couldn't read anymore as I was cringing.

  • Posting multiple negative comments doesn't make them more valid.
    So you have an opinion, but admit you only read the first few lines.
    Most people will just see you as a sad attention seeking troll.

  • Just as dumb as the warehouse or I need rent money fake stories

  • And you just keep on reading them...

  • I stop after two or three sentences. It’s quite obvious they are fake retreads of other stories and poorly written.

  • Why do you care?
    Just move on if you don't like the thread...

  • Good work I like the theme, there are a lot of women out there that would like to imagine being overpowered by rough men, and the husband being forced to watch adds to the intensity, as we see her reluctance fade into acceptance as her body’s uncontrollable impulses take over and betray her real excitement at what is happening to her.

  • My wife and I both love this story, she was certainly up for some serious action after reading it together.
    Thanks for posting

  • A beautiful fantasy.

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