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I know this sounds strange, but being a guy and having a really good buddy, if things got out of control and you and him had sex, would you wish that you were pregnant by him?

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  • Yes I would. However I would want to have sex with a couple of them within a few days of each other. Only because I wouldn't want to kniw who the father was.

  • I would have to think about that one for a bit. I just turned 30, I'm not married, and I don't want to be. I like my freedom to do what I want. However I do want children, and I am getting older. But not sure if I would want a child by one of my close friends. I believe I would rather it be a complete stranger. In fact I'm kind of working toward that now. For the last 4 months, I've been going to random clubs, trying to get layed by at least 2 different men of the corse of the weekend. I think I may have achieved my goal, as of today (03/06/2019) I'm 2.5 weeks late for my period. Wish me luck folks.

  • Hell yes!!!
    In fact I have, I am 26 yrs old never married. I have 5 children now. All from different close friends of mine. Had my first child when I was 14. then 16, 18, 20, and then 24. I don't work state pay all my bills, However they did tell me I had to be on birth control in order to receive and more ad. So now I'm look for a husband, so I can more children. I love being pregnant.

  • Welfare slut.

  • Being a single mom in my mid 20's. I have 3 kids already. I've never been married or steady boyfriend for more than a few weeks. I have no idea who my children, father's are. I am a size queen, bigger the better. I loved being pregnant everytime feeling baby inside me would give me an orgasim. My 7th,8th,&9th, months I having orgasim pretty much none stop. All 3 of my children were natural childbirth, drugs. Believe it or not I had such earth moving orgasims during childbirth I almost passed out. If I could afford it I would be pregnant 24/7.

  • I knew it was wrong but I let him take my ass the first time. When he came in me right then and there I knew I was hooked and he fucked me hard and long for several years even sharing me with many friends of his and there friends I BECAME A ASS WHORE AND I LOVE GETTING LAID.

  • You do know that this guy only sees you as his slut, hence the need to control you by sharing you with his friends. True friends don’t treat their friends this way. Dump them all all search for new fuckbuddy’s Faraway from home.

  • No, I'd just hope he didn't rip in the insides of my ass too much.

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